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Gift Funds Panorama

The Gift Funds Panorama compiles various reports and analyses into a single dashboard to help Fund Managers evaluate and make decisions regarding their gift funds.

Gift Fund Panorama

Foundation Fund Details

The Foundation Fund Details page provides beginning balance and fiscal activity for the selected fund(s) in a specified period, reported against the Foundation Ledger.

  • The Owning FinU prompt returns fund activities owned by that FinU regardless of what FinU the activity was posted to.
  • DFF flags can be set for Endowments and Recurring Transfers.
  • The Foundation COA does not have function, project, location, or activity but uses investment pool and cash flow. Focus your attention on fund, financial unit, and account.
  • The account’s leading digit indicates the account type: 1 - Assets, 2 - Liabilities, 3 - Net Position, 4 - Revenue, 5-8 - Expense.
  • The available cash is displayed in account 100000, but the recommendation is to use the Gift Fund Balances report.

Key data includes:

Data Description
Beginning Balance Balance of the account at the start of the given fiscal period
Period Net Activity

Calculated total of Credits - Debits to show total activity during the given fiscal period

Ending Balance Results of Beginning Balance +/- Period Net Activity

Gift Fund Balances

The Gift Fund Balances page provides balances for gift funds on the Campus and Foundation Ledgers.

  • This analysis shows the balances for a fund across both ledgers to show the available “Expendable money in the Foundation Ledger and the Principal Balance for endowments, which is an amount not available for transfer.
  • Best practice is to search for the current accounting period, unless you are looking for a trend of balances over time.
  • A request can be made to transfer the Foundation Expendable balance to your Project/FinU on the UCSD ledger to cover a deficit or to plan for spending.

Key data displayed includes:

Data Description
Foundation Principal

Amount NOT available to be spent, comprised of the original Gift, Transfers, and Reinvestments of Payout

Foundation Expendable

Available expendable balance on the Foundation Ledger

UCSD Expendable Available cash balance on the UCSD/Campus Ledger

GL Project Balances

The GL Project Balances page provides a total for Resources Available, with consideration of the displayed General Ledger resource and expense totals and inception-to-date Capital Asset expenditures, reported against the Campus Ledger.

The analysis enables you to view the resources available within the selected period, as well as inception-to-date Capital Assets.

Key data displayed includes:

Data Description
Total Resources Combination of External Revenue and Internal Resources
Total Expenses Total of Expense Accounts
Beginning Net Position July 1 carryforward balance in the selected project and fund
Ending Net Position Calculated total of Beginning Net Position + Total Resources - Total Expenses
Resources Available Calculated total of Ending Net Position - Capital Assets

GL Transaction Details

The GL Transaction Details page provides FinU/Fund/Project/Account transaction data that hits the General Ledger and all Subledgers (PPM, Payables, Receivables, Cash Management) for the selected accounting period, reported against the Campus Ledger.

  • This analysis is typically used to identify the:
  • Balance on an Account, FinU, or Project
  • Transactions that hit the Subledger for a FinU or Project
  • Source of transactions that hit the GL directly
  • Activity that may have hit the GL without a Project or with the wrong Project
  • The drill-down functionality helps:
  • Trace from GL transaction to more detailed line-item information and original source documents
  • Find multiple-level financial and accounting information from this single report.

Project COA Lookup

The Project COA Lookup tool provides ability to quickly identify the correct chart strings to use when charging a Project/Task.

  • This analysis enables you to view a full string of values for your project, typically used to identify the correct chart strings to use when charging a Project/Task.
  • Best practice is to run the tool in Interactive mode so that you can change the data to view one specific fund at a time.

Non-Sponsored Task DFFs

The Non-Sponsored Task DFFs page delivers the fund, function, location, and activity defined for given tasks on a general project for the purpose of driving accounting for costs and revenue within the PPM module.

  • This analysis enables you to determine what DFF values are attached to your project and what projects have a fund linked to them.
  • Note: This does NOT apply to sponsored research projects where the fund and function are derived from Award elements.

STAR Dashboard

The STAR (Stewardship, Transparency, Accountability, Reporting) Dashboard is an online dashboard powered by Cognos to provide Advancement and UC San Diego staff with access to financial information related to University private support gift funds (both Foundation and UC Regents).

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