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Administration Panoramas

Find out about business scenarios, data selection, report view options, and data definitions for Administration Panoramas available under Budget & Finance in the Business Analytics Hub (

Campus User Roles

The Campus User Roles Report provides the OFC roles and associated Business Units, Ledgers and other security contexts for those roles. Searchable by user email, username, assignment number, department and role.

Campus User Role Report

Business Scenarios

  • What roles do I have in the OFC system?

  • Do I have the necessary roles to run the Project Panorama?

Data Selection and View Options

  • Use these parameters to filter for the data you want to see
  • These filters can be used in combination or individually to produce desired results


Report Views

  • Results will display in a table of 9 columns formatted to print to PDF
  • Use the report controls on the right-hand side to render the report for excel, html, word and other options
  • Refer to the section below titled Understanding the Data for definitions, data includes usage rules and full description


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