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Legacy Chart Stabilization

Manage and stabilize changes to our financial data in IFIS, our legacy financial system

In preparation for the new financial system, all UC San Diego departments were asked to complete index mapping to the new Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA), which will take effect when Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) goes live in July 2020. Many thanks for the dedication and time each person put into making index mapping a success.

We now enter Phase 3 – Chart Stabilization – of mapping all legacy segments to the new chart string. Read IFIS Chart of Accounts Management for more information. As we move forward, we ask that you pause before submitting requests for new legacy chart elements as we are no longer in “business as usual” mode, but in a transition phase. To continue the positive momentum, we need to greatly reduce the amount of new/change requests for legacy COA elements.

Effective November 4, legacy COA requests require mapping to Oracle CCOA as part of the request process.  See highlights below for major changes in the request process.  If you have questions please contact your local Sponsorship Coalition Lead as they have the insight and background to provide unit-specific guidance.

  • Index Management Tool has been retooled to the Index Inactivation Tool
  • Requests for Master Indexes, Sub Indexes, Index Reactivations, and Index Title changes will go through a request form and approval process, which requires Oracle mapping be provided
    • New or reactivation requests for Master Index or Organization require a pdf attachment to the ASK request documenting the VC office has reviewed the request, mapping and approve 
  • Gift, Sponsored Research and Industry-Initiated funds/master index requests are managed through the Advancement Services, OPAFS and OCTA/CTRI units respectively
  • OPAFS and OCTA/CTRI will also manage subindex requests when associated with a fund
  • Medical Center requests will continue using their current processes and the Financial Services Team will submit mapped requests through the new process
  • All other legacy COA elements (Organization, Program, Location, Accounts and Funds not listed above) will also go through the review/approval process on new spreadsheet requests forms
  • Not all requests are approved; please ensure you allocate additional time for the review/approval process before expecting to use a new COA element for transactions

Mapping look up table tools are available, or under development, as the data is populated in the data warehouse and Cognos.  Please discuss with your unit’s fund manager or VC business office if you have questions on mapping to the Oracle CCOA string.  The local business units have been involved in the mapping phase already, are familiar with the process, and have the unit expertise needed.

In most cases, requests will go through a customer portal application to aid in progress tracking and reporting.

The transition to Oracle is a University-wide initiative, and the support of all involved will be what makes it a successful implementation with patience, cooperation, and focusing on the long-term positive possibilities. We are in this together, and we thank every one of you!