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How to Process a UC San Diego Invoice

Learn how to invoice students for services or goods provided by the department.

In the right place? A vendor invoice is different from a UC San Diego invoice. When your department enters into an agreement to buy goods or request services from a vendor or service provider by means of a Department Order or High Value Purchase Order, the vendor submits an invoice (or bill) to Disbursements to request payment. For this type of information, see Marketplace Supplier Invoices (Accounts Payable).

You decide to invoice manually or electronically.

  • Invoice electronically if you will be processing a large number of invoices on a regular basis. In this case, contact Student Financial Solutions in the UC San Diego Services & Support portal
  • Invoice manually to send few invoices and/or on an infrequent basis. In this case, follow the steps below.

You complete the invoice.

  • Complete all information on the invoice.
  • Note: The effective date on the invoice must be the date your department provided services or goods. This date ensures that your funds will be recorded in the correct fiscal year.
  • Note: Invoices are considered a form of cash. Be sure to appropriately secure them online or in a locked cabinet just as you would cash or check payments.

UBS enters the invoice into ISIS AR Billing System.

You will be able to see the transaction in ISIS AR Billing or on Accounts Receivable Aging Query tool the next day after being entered by UBS.

  • SFS enters the invoice into ISIS AR Billing within 5 business days.
  • The day after SFS enters the invoice, you can see it recorded as a ledger provisional credit, in ISIS AR or on AR Aging.

Note: This provisional credit means that SFS has entered the invoice as an outstanding receivable (charge). It does not indicate that payment has been received.

You monitor activity on the account.

For more information, contact Student Financial Solutions through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.