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Accounts Receivable: Debt Procedures

Find guidelines and procedures for collecting student and non-student debt.

Accounts are classified in 2 ways: Student debt and non-student debt.

Student debt

Student debt fees

  • Student fee charges are assessed and due no later than the due date reflected on the first statement in which the charge appears.
  • Billing is considered delinquent if paid after the due date.
  • Billing Statement late fee is $25.00.
  • A continuing delinquency will result in a bar (hold) of future registration and a bar of official academic transcript requests.
  • Exceptions include enrollments in Student Emergency Loans and the Triton Registration Fee Installment Payment Plan, (TRIP), specified on the appropriate due statement.

Time Payment Agreement (TPA)

  • TPAs are subject to Student Business Services' approval and will not remove the bars, but may hold off the collections-due process. This program is only available to students who are no longer enrolled at UCSD. For further assisatnce or questions, please contact SBS (858) 822-4727.

Student late fees

  • In order to motivate timely payments, UCSD maintains a late charge program for student accounts.
  • To avoid the accural of late fees on your student account, make sure your payments are received by the posted due dates. 
  • Student Business Services reserves the right to waive late charge assessments.


  • Students who dispute a charge are entitled to an administrative hearing before an impartial campus official or committee.
  • Dispute procedures are listed on Billing Questions and Disputes.

Non-student debt


  • An employee with a continuing delinquency may be requested to volunteer/ authorize a payroll deduction. Payroll Office procedures will ensue. If not, they may be assigned to a collection agency. 


  • If invoices are collectible, accounts may be stayed from the normal collections procedure. If not, they may be assigned to a collection agency.