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How to Establish a New Signature Authorization

See step-by-step instructions for completing the Signature Authorization form required to establish signature authority for Disbursements and Travel transactions.

1. Access the form

2. Complete Section 1: Employee Information

  • Provide this information about the employee who will receive signature authority:
    • Full name
    • Title
    • Department name
    • Phone extension
    • Employee number

3. Complete Section 2: Signature Specimen

  • Have the employee sign in the signature box.

4. Complete Section 3: Action to be taken

  • For a new signature authorization:
    • Check box A.
    • Indicate the effective date on the line provided.

5. Complete Section 4: Type of Delegation

  • If the employee will authorize transactions on behalf of the department chair at all times, check box A.
  • If the employee will act as an alternate and authorize transactions ONLY in the department head's absence, check box B.

6. Complete Section 5: Organization and Fund Information

  • Enter this information for each fund that the employee will be able to authorize:
    • Organization name
    • Organization number
    • Fund name
    • Fund number

Note: If the employee will have the authority to sign for all funds within an organization, indicate "all" in the Fund Number box.

7. Complete Section 6: Types of Transactions

  • Check the box(es) to indicate the types of transactions the employee will be authorized to approve.

8. Complete Section 7: Required Signature

  • Provide this information to complete the request:
    • Department head's signature
    • Date of signature

Note: The department head must sign the request.

9. Make copies

  • Make two copies of the request.
  • File the copies for future use to change or cancel the signature authorization.

10. Submit the request

  • Submit the original Signature Authorization form to Disbursements,
    Mail Code 0955.

Note: The turnaround time for processing your request is approximately three to four days from the date Disbursements receives your completed form.

11. Contact your DSA

  • Contact your DSA if the person you have authorized will be processing:
    • Payment Authorizations
    • MyTravel online documents
  • Ask your DSA to create an electronic version of this signature authorization.