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How to Cancel a Signature Authorization

Follow these step-by-step instructions to cancel an existing signature authorization.

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1. Locate your department copy

  • If your department filed copies of the original signature authorization request, locate a copy and proceed to Step 4 below.
  • If you can't locate a copy of the original signature authorization, proceed to Step 2.

2. Access the form

3. Complete Section 1: Employee Information

  • Provide this information about the employee who will receive signature authority:
    • Full name
    • Title
    • Department name
    • Extension
    • Employee number

4. Complete Section 3: Action to be taken

  • To cancel the signature authority
    • Check box B.
    • Indicate the effective date on the line provided.
  • Provide this requestor information:
    • Your name
    • Your extension

5. Skip Section 7: Department Head's Signature

  • The Department head's signature IS NOT required when canceling an existing Signature Authorization.

Note: Please be sure to provide requestor's information in Step 4 so that you may be contacted, if necessary.

6. Update or make copies

  • If you are modifying a department copy of the original Signature Authorization request, update your departmental records.
  • If you are completing a new Signature Authorization form,
    • Make two copies.
    • File the copies in case you need to change or cancel this request in the future.

7. Submit the request

  • Submit the completed Signature Authorization form to Disbursements,
    Mail Code 0955.

    The turnaround time for processing your request is approximately three to four days from the date Disbursements receives your completed form.

Note: If your department processes expenditure requests electronically, notify your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) of this cancellation.

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