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Using TritonEd

Learn how to use TritonEd for your class.

Step-by-step guides for basic functions in TritonEd are available here for faculty. Learn how to add course content, assessments, collaborative tools, and grades in your TritonEd site.

Add Course Content

  • Copy a previous course
  • Select entry point
  • Upload a banner
  • Modify the course menu
  • Create content folders
  • Upload a file
  • Delete files
  • Add a weblink

Add Assessments

  • Collect assignments
  • Create quizzes and tests
  • Create a Turnitin assignment

Add Teaching Assistants

  • Add graders, course builders, and teaching assistants

Communicate and Collaborate

  • Make an announcement
  • Send a TritonEd email
  • Start a discussion forum
  • Create a course blog
  • Collect journal entries
  • Collaborate on a Wiki page
  • Create Groups

Grade and Provide Feedback

  • Enter grades
  • Provide feedback on an online assignment
  • Grade anonymously
  • Delegate grading
  • Export for eGrades
  • View Turnitin submissions
  • Use Turnitin's Feedback Studio