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TritonEd: Add Assessments

Learn how to create tests and assignments that can be administered within TritonEd.

TritonEd allows instructors to create tests and assignments that can be administered within TritonEd. Instructors can:
  • Set due dates.
  • Collect assignments electronically.
  • Download test results.
  • Provide feedback.

See the steps below to learn how to create assessments.

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Collect Assignments

Use an assignment to collect documents and projects from students electronically. 

How to create an assignment

  1. In the Course Menu, click the Content Area where the assignment will be created.
    menu content
  2. On the Content page, hover over the Assessments tab to expand the options.
  3. Select Assignment.
  4. On the Create Assignment page, enter a Name and optional instructions in the text box.
    assignment name
  5. To attach a file from your computer, click Browse My Computer, or skip this step if there are no supplemental files.
  6. To add a due date, click the check box next to Due Date and enter the date and time.
    Note: Assignments received after the due date will be marked Late.
  7. Under Grading, enter Points Possible. This will automatically create a Grade Center column for the assignment.
    points possible
  8. Under Submission Details, click the appropriate radio button to make the assignment an individual assignment or a group assignment.
    Note: Groups will need to be created prior to setting up a group assignment.
  9. To allow multiple attempts, specify the number of attempts or select allow unlimited attempts from the drop-down menu.
    submission details
  10. Under Grading Options, select either or both boxes to enable Anonymous Grading or Delegated Grading. Skip this step if neither option is necessary for the assignment.
    grading options
  11. Under Display of Grades, select the format of the grade: score, letter, text, percentage, complete/ incomplete.
  12. Under Availability, click the check box to make the assignment available. Leave the box unchecked to keep it hidden.
  13. Adjust the display dates to limit the availability, or leave this blank if there are no date restrictions.
  14. Click Submit.
  15. The new assignment will be added to the bottom of the content page.  Students need to click the assignment name to submit their assignments.
    new assignment

Create Quizzes and Tests

Use a test to evaluate and measure students' comprehension of the learning material. Choose from a variety of question types and assign point values.

How to create a test

  1. In the Course Menu, click the Content Area where the test will be created.
    menu content
  2. On the Content page, hover over the Assessments tab to expand the options.
  3. Select Test.
  4. On the Create Test page, click Create to start building the test.
    create test
  5. Enter a Name and optional description or instructions.
    test name
  6. Click Submit to proceed.
  7. On the Test Canvas page, hover over the Create Question tab and select the appropriate question type to add.
    create question
  8. Enter the question text and answer choices.
  9. Click Submit.
    Question created
  10. Add more questions by clicking the plus sign above or below each question.
    add more questions
  11. Once all questions have been added to the test, click OK at the bottom right.
  12. To assign the test, ensure the Test name is highlighted and click Submit.
    submit test
  13. Adjust the Test Options, including test availability, due date, and feedback, and click Submit.
    Note: It is recommended to set either the Timed Test option or the Force Completion option, and not both. If both settings are used and a student encounters technical difficulties, such as an unstable connection, the student will not be able to revisit the assessment as it is automatically submitted on their behalf.

Create a Turnitin assignment

Turnitin is integrated with TritonEd and can be used directly within a TritonEd site. When you reate a Turnitin Assignment for students, Turnitin will check any documents with text for originality, and report matches with other student papers, institution papers, the Internet, and periodicals, based on the indicated settings.

How to create a Turnitin assignment

  1. In the Course Menu, click the Content area where the Turnitin Assignment will be created.
    menu content
  2. On the Content page, point to the Assessments tab to expand options.
  3. Select Turnitin Assignment.
    turnitin assignment
  4. On the Turnitin page, select the assignment type.
    • The base assignment is a paper assignment.
    • A PeerMark Assignment allows students to review each other’s assignments.
    • A Revision Assignment allows multiple draft submissions.
  5. Click Next Step.
    turnitin paper assignment
  6. Enter a title for the assignment.
  7. Enter a point value.This will create a column in the Grade Center.
    Note: Turnitin will only accept whole numbers in the Point Value field. Grades entered as decimals will be rounded up or down, accordingly.
  8. Select Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for originality or select Allow any file types.
    Note: While Turnitin accepts various file types, Turnitin can only check documents with text for originality.
    Turnitin points
  9. Enter a Start Date for when students can begin submitting their assignments.
  10. Enter a Due Date. There is also an option to not allow late submissions under optional settings.
  11. Enter a Post Date for when comments and grades will be posted and become available for students to view.
    turnitin due date
  12. Click Optional Settings to expand the options.
    turnitin optional settings
  13. To allow students to submit more than once until the due date, under Generate Originality Reports for student submissions, click the drop down menu and select immediately (can overwrite reports until due date). Or to keep the first submission as the final submission, select immediately first report is final.
    turnitin original reports
  14. Select the appropriate settings for the originality report, which will generate matches based on the criteria.
  15. Click Submit.

Go to Grade in TritonEd to learn how to use Turnitin's Feedback Studio.

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