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TritonEd: Add Teaching Assistants

Learn how to add teaching assistants to your TritonEd site.

Instructors can add teaching assistants (TAs) to their TritonEd sites from within TritonEd. The instructor will need to provide the teaching assistant’s email and indicate the access level depending on their role in the course. The access levels are listed below:

  • Grader: Manage and assign grades only; cannot edit or post content.
  • Course Builder: Edit and post content only; cannot manage or assign grades.
  • Teaching Assistant: Course Builder and Grader access; can manage course content and grades.

See the steps below to learn how to add a TA to a TritonEd site.

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How to add a Teaching Assistant

  1. In the Course Management menu, click Course Tools to expand the list.
  2. Select Teaching Assistants.
  3. Enter the teaching assistant’s UCSD email.
  4. Click the drop down menu under Access Level to select the appropriate role.
  5. Click Add Teaching Assistant.
    add ta

Note: This process may be repeated as many times as needed to add all teaching assistants to the TritonEd site. Allow 2 hours for the TA to be added.

Manage Teaching Assistants

  1. Click the trash bin icon to remove the teaching assistant from the TritonEd site.
  2. Instructors can check the status of any changes made to the roles under Status.
    manage ta

Note: Allow 2 hours for the TA to be added, changed, or removed from the site.

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