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Goodbye, TritonEd! Hello, Canvas!

Starting Summer 2020, TritonEd will no longer serve as UC San Diego's learning management system (LMS). At this time, TritonEd will be unavailable to the community.

Instructors can now use Canvas , UC San Diegos's new LMS!

For more information about the migration, please visit https://edtech.ucsd.edu.

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Tips from UC San Diego Canvas Instructors

  • "Make the switch! Start with a 'Blank Canvas' and build your course from scratch to avoid cloning TritonEd/Blackboard. It's worth the time and effort!"

  • "Start now (no sense waiting). Utilize the training (I did 1 in person session, as well as a few phone consults with [EdTech Support]). Take notes each time, as it slips the mind after the initial learning."

  • "Be sure to leave time to get acquainted with the platform. It's generally very intuitive but there are definitely things that can be a little hard to find until you get used to where they are."

  • "Map out your structure ahead of time, and then fill in assignments/content as you go."

Get Started

Instructors who have previously taught in TritonEd or who are listed as an Instructor of Record on the Schedule of Classes, already have a practice course. With this practice course, instructors can explore Canvas or to begin to build out a future course.

To locate a practice course, instructors can:

  1. Navigate to https://coursefinder.ucsd.edu
  2. Log in with Active Directory credentials
  3. Locate course under the Practice term
  4. Select course

 Here are some helpful links:

Attend Workshops

Canvas workshops will continue to be offered throughout the migration period. Register for a workshop that works for you!

Track Progression:

  1. Getting Started with Course Building
  2. Course Content Organization
  3. Canvas Accelerated (a three hour training that includes Getting Started with Course Building and Course Content Organization)
  4. Gradebook Management (recommended when there is data in the instructor's course)

Advanced Workshops:

  • Assignments, Rubrics and Grades
  • Online Quizzes


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