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TritonEd Known Issues

A description of known TritonEd issues and suggested solutions.

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Macintosh's Missing Scroll Bar

Issue: On a Mac, there is no horizontal scroll bar in the Grade Center. The grader cannot scroll to the right to see newly added grade columns.

Solution: Enable scroll bars in System Preferences.
  1. Open System Preferences, either from the Dock or from the Apple menu.
  2. Select General.
  3. Locate the Show Scroll Bars options and select Always.

Files Attached to the Feedback To Learner Text Box do not Open [Reported 5/14/2018]

Issue: Files attached to the Feedback To Learner text box do not appear as an active hyperlink. When utilizing the "Feedback to Learner" Virtual Text Based Editor when grading a New Box View assignment, the attached document will sometimes not be a clickable hyperlink for the student or grader when viewing the Instructor feedback. Although, some Users do not have an issue.

Solution/Workaround: Exit the attempt and open the attached file on the View Grade Details page for the student.

Saving Attachments in Safari [Reported 4/13/2018, Resolved 5/23/2018]

Issue: The "Attachments" widget, used by students to select their submissions in the Assignment Submission tool as well as instructors linking files to Content Items, will fail on submit when attempted using the Safari web browser version 11 or above.

Explanation: A Content Item will not be created if a document is attached using Safari 11.1. Student submissions may not be successfully be submitted if they are uploading their assignment with Safari 11.1.

Solution: Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to attach documents.

Turnitin Submission asking for Google login [Reported 5/2017]

Issue: When submitting a Turnitin Assignment using a Chrome browser, the student is directed to a Google login page. After logging in, the page is blank.

Solution/Workaround: Use a different browser (Firefox/Safari) or use an incognito Chrome browser when submitting a Turnitin assignment.

Grade Center not loading in Safari [Reported 9/2016]

Issue: Grade Center does not load in Safari.

Workaround: Safari is not compatible with the current Grade Center. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for grading purposes. See Article No: 000041804.

Rubric Grade Not Saved [Reported 9/2016]

Issue: Grades entered on a rubric are not saved/not visible from View Grade Details > View Rubric.

Solution/Workaround: Go directly to the student's assignment and open the rubric from there. See Article No: 00036042.

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