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Terms of Use for ETS Laser Printing Accounts

You must abide by the follow policies to use any ETS Laser Printing Accounts

Establishing an Account

Students, you can set up a Laser Printing Account by authorizing a charge to your UC San Diego Student Business Services Account. 

Other methods of establishing a Laser Printing Account are: depositing funds by check, online, or by depositing cash at the Campus Cashier using a deposit advice form provided by ETS and returning the validated form to the ETS offices.

Responsibility for Charges

You are responsible for all printing charges incurred by computer accounts linked to your real money account. If charges exceed your available balance your account will be disabled and you will not be able to print until you deposit more funds. Further, any overdraft is considered a debt to the University and must be settled before you leave the University or obtain further services.

It is your responsibility to know the rates charged for printing and to keep track of your pending print jobs. When the job you submit prints, resources are consumed - even if you're not there to pick it up. No credits will be issued for jobs printed by mistake or which do not have the appearance you expected - preview your jobs before submitting them and use our Print Queue Management Tool to list, cancel or modify your pending print jobs!

In the event of hardware failure (toner streaking or running out, paper jam resulting in a torn or partially printed page), a credit may be issued but as with a credit from a photocopy service you must bring the failed pages in to the Service Desk for verification.

Deposits are NON-Refundable

Your deposit is non-refundable. Only deposit an amount you expect to use up in your tenure here at UC San Diego. If you have an unused balance it may be transferred to another user. To do so, send an email to from your UCSD email address. Be sure to include the account name and the amount you would like to have transferred.