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Video is Stuck “Processing”

What to do when your video in Canvas is stuck in a processing state.

A screenshot of the "processing" animation in Kaltura.

Problem: You've added a video to "My Media" and the icon representing the video is stuck in the "processing" animation. As a result, you're not able to make desired edits, publish it, or watch it.


  1. Wait longer
  2. Re-upload
    1. For manually-uploaded media: try again
    2. For Kaltura Capture videos: re-upload the video using the application interface
    3. For Zoom cloud recordings: download it from Zoom and upload it to Kaltura manually

Solution 1: Wait Longer

The first thing you should do is wait - if you haven't waited very long, that is. The processing time for videos uploaded to Kaltura can vary widely, and processing times depend on the length, quality, and size of your video.

If you've already waited for a while (for example, overnight), or you're particularly desperate to get the video up quickly, then we recommend trying to (re)upload the media again if you can. See the drawers below for more information.

Solution 2a: Re-Upload [Manual Uploads]

For media you've uploaded yourself, upload the media again. Read our tutorial on uploading media files if you need a refresher.

Solution 2b: Re-Upload [Kaltura Capture Recordings]

If a video uploaded with Kaltura Capture won't seem to stop processing, open Kaltura Capture on your computer and use the menu to force it to re-upload the recording. Read our tutorial on Kaltura Capture to find out how.

If Kaltura Capture is really giving you grief, you can always locate the Kaltura Capture recording files yourself and manually upload them.

Solution 2c: Re-Upload [Zoom Cloud Recordings]

You may know that we have an integration set up between Kaltura and Zoom such that all Zoom recordings made to the cloud (when signed into Zoom with your UCSD active directory credentials) will automatically show up in "My Media" after a little while. If you find that one of these recordings is stuck processing, try downloading the recording file from Zoom and uploading it manually.

If you need additional help figuring out how to resolve the issue, or if the video you originally uploaded never stops processing and you want it removed from "My Media," please contact us at

Have additional questions about video? Contact Multimedia Services at