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Publishing Videos to a Course's Media Gallery

Publishing your videos to a course's Media Gallery is one of the ways to make it visible to your students.

In Canvas, there are two main ways to make your videos in "My Media" visible to your students: publishing them and embedding them. The tutorials linked here will help you understand the variety of ways you can publish your videos.

What Does it Mean to "Publish" a Video?

Publishing a video makes it visible in the Media Gallery of a course in Canvas. Once published, students can watch the video, add comments, access any attachments you've added to the video entry. No students can download it (unless you've enabled downloads for the video).

Students aren't notified when anything is published to the Media Gallery, so you'll need to be sure your students are aware that they should check the Media Gallery periodically if you're adding content during the course. If you'd like to have your videos within your modules, you'll want to read our instructions on how to embed a video.

Note that you can both publish a video AND embed it within your modules.

There are several ways in Canvas that you can publish a video, and we'll address each of them. We'll also address how to "un-publish" videos from a Media Gallery. Click any of the links below or in the left navigation to jump to the tutorial you need:

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