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Presenting Videos to Your Students

Publishing videos is one way to make your videos visible to students. Read below to learn more.

So you've uploaded a video to Canvas. But now what? How do you make it visible to students? Check out our articles below to learn about various methods of publishing your videos.

  • Publish vs. Embed: what each term means and what our recommended approach is
  • Embedding videos: how to insert your video into a piece of instructional material
  • Publishing videos: how to make your videos appear in (or disappear from) your course's Media Gallery
  • Enabling downloads: how to configure your videos so your students can download them
  • Playlists: how to create, edit, and embed collections of media called "playlists"
  • Moderating Media: how to make it so you control what ends up in the Media Gallery
  • FAQs: frequently asked questions about presenting videos in Canvas

Need additional help with videos? Contact the Multimedia Services team at