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How to Share Videos with Others (Adding Collaborators)

Sometimes it’s useful to allow other users in Canvas to use your videos. Here’s how.

If you'd like to allow others to edit or publish your videos, you can share your videos with them in such a way that it shows up in their "My Media." Kaltura refers to this as "adding collaborators."

What is a Collaborator?

A collaborator is another UCSD community member to whom you've given access to your video. You can assign collaborators to a video you own on a video-by-video basis. What they can do with your video depends on the role you've selected for them.

  • Co-Viewers see your video in their "My Media" but can only view it.
  • Co-Publishers see your video in their "My Media" and can publish it to other courses of which they're a member.
  • Co-Editors see your video in their "My Media" and can edit all the details of your video - title, description, captions, etc. They can also download it. They are not able to publish it.
Users may have more than one collaborator role. (For example, if you want someone to be able to publish and edit your video, assign them as a co-editor AND co-publisher for that video.) There are a variety of reasons that you might want to share a video - check out the drawers below to learn more and see how.

Whys, Requirements, Caveats

Why You Might Want to Assign...

  • A co-viewer role:
    • To provide a individual student access to remedial material
    • To show a colleague a video in "My Media"
  • A co-publisher role:
    • To allow a colleague to publish your video in one or more of their courses
  • A co-editor role:
    • To allow a student worker/grad student/etc. to edit your machine captions
    • To assign a TA to clean up Zoom video titles and descriptions
    • To allow a colleague to download your video


  • A video in "My Media" that you own


  • When assigning a co-viewer role:
    • None.
  • When assigning a co-publisher role:
    • The user can publish the video in any Canvas course of which they're a member
    • You won't be notified if and when the user publishes it elsewhere
    • The user won't have the ability to edit the video unless you also give them the co-editor role
  • When assigning a co-editor role:
    • If the user edits the video, you will see the same edits in your copy - they are edited the original video (that is, you’re not making a copy of your video in their "My Media" - you’re sharing it)
    • The user will be able to change almost all details about your video
    • The user will be able to download your video

How to Add a Collaborator

  1. Within Canvas, enter any of your courses and click on "My Media."
  2. Locate the video you want to share, and click the pencil icon on the right side of its row.
  3. Click the "Collaboration" tab under the video preview.
  4. Click "+ Add Collaborator."
A screenshot of the "collaborators" section, with the "add collaborator" button circled.

  1. Search for the individual you'd like to add as a collaborator. Note that searching for a username is much more reliable than searching for their name, since their username is unique.
  2. Identify the role that you want the other user to have. 

Collaborator Roles

While each role will allow the user to have your video show up in their "My Media," there are some distinctions between the roles. Here's a quick summary.

  • Co-Editors have the most expansive set of privileges. They can edit all details of your video, including being able to request and edit captions. They are not able to publish your video, however.
  • Co-Publishers can only really do one thing: publish your videos to their course(s).
  • Co-Viewers can only watch your video and can't do anything else to it.

Note that you can assign a user multiple roles.

  1. Once you've identified the user and the role, click "Add." You'll be brought back to the previous screen and you should see the user listed with the appropriate role below.

Change Media Owner

On the "Collaborators" page, you can also perform an action called "Change Media Owner." This will transfer ownership of the media to the user you specify, and you will no longer see the media in your "My Media." You may want to do this if, for example, you plan on leaving the university and want to offer a colleague the ability to use your videos.

You can revoke the permissions that you've provided to any collaborators by removing them from the respective role in the table at the bottom of the "Collaborators" page.

Have additional questions about video? Contact Multimedia Services at