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Video Analytics

Analytics can provide interesting insights into how your videos are being used by your students.

Kaltura keeps track of a variety of user behaviors with your videos. Since users are authenticated within Canvas (i.e. Canvas and Kaltura generally know who exactly is interacting with a video), you'll have a good overview of your students' watching behaviors.

There are a few circumstances where analytics information may not be properly captured. Some browser plug-ins (such as ad blockers) interfere with data-gathering, so some users' analytics data may be missing entirely. You may also see a user labeled "Unknown" in the analytics. This is either because a user has never had their Kaltura account automatically created or if the video has been embedded on a public website (outside of Canvas).

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of analytics you can look at: analytics for individual videos, and a higher-level analytics view of a Media Gallery in Canvas (which Kaltura calls "channel analytics"). Use the left navigation or the links below to navigate to the tutorial you want:

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