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Adding Videos to MediaSpace

There are a variety of ways to add videos to “My Media” in MediaSpace.

There are a variety of ways for videos to end up in "My Media" in MediaSpace. You can upload video files yourself, create entries for YouTube videos, or create your own video using Kaltura Capture. In addition, if you record a Zoom session to the cloud, that recording will automatically end up in "My Media."

Click on any of the links below to see tutorials on how to add videos to "My Media" in MediaSpace.

  • Data Retention Policy: rules about how long your Kaltura media will be stored in the cloud
  • Dual-Stream Videos: how to create videos with 2 separately-controllable videos streams
  • Express Capture: Kaltura's browser-based recording solution
  • Kaltura Capture: what it is and how to use it to record narrated screen capture videos
  • Uploading videos: how to upload video files from your computer to MediaSpace
  • YouTube videos: how to add YouTube videos to "My Media"
  • Zoom: how the Kaltura-Zoom integration works
  • FAQs: frequently asked questions about adding videos to "My Media"
Have additional questions about videos in MediaSpace? Contact Multimedia Services at