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Polling for Remote Instruction

See our interim recommendations for class polling and attendance for remote lectures.


At the end of 2023, iClicker Classic will no longer be supported. All instructors who wish to continue using iClicker should plan the switch to iClicker Cloud for use no later than the beginning of Winter 2024 term.

Throughout this process, both iClicker and EdTech Support are committed to assisting you. The transition is designed to be simple, involving just four easy steps. For steps to transition, visit Before Class.

Zoom Polling and Attendance

If you want to poll students during a live class session we recommend you try the polling feature that is built into Zoom. Find more information on the Zoom support page.

Zoom polling allows you to ask questions and see responses from the class like you would with iClickers, but does not allow you to grade for participation or export attendance data.

As an alternative to using iClicker for participation, we recommend using discussion questions or reflection writing assignments in Canvas.

See the Teaching and Learning Commons FAQ for recommendations on taking attendance next quarter.

Synchronous Lecture Guidelines for Remote Instruction

All students who can safely leave the campus have been urged to do so. Because students may be in different time zones or have access to varying technology and internet connectivity, it is highly recommended that instructors do not rely 100% on real-time, synchronous lectures.

Any real-time lectures or other synchronous materials must be recorded and made available via Canvas for students who may not be able to attend due to differences in time zones, scheduling issues, health issues, or other concerns. 

Recommended Process for Synchronous Sessions

Use the Zoom link within your Canvas course to schedule synchronous sessions. See our guide for automatically recording Zoom sessions in the cloud

Once the session has concluded, wait for the video to finish processing and return to Canvas. Zoom sessions that were recorded to the cloud will automatically be added to My Media in Canvas. This will take about an hour. 

  1. Click My Media
    If you do not automatically see My Media in the course menu, click Settings, then Navigation, and enable My Media.

  2.  Locate the recording of the synchronous session, then click Publish
  3. Add the video to the Media Gallery for the appropriate course

During this time, it is highly encouraged that instructors remain flexible and offer alternatives to attendance-based and other synchronous based assignments. If students in the synchronous session are provided with points for participation, students who are accessing the recording should also have the opportunity to earn participation points. Options for asynchronous participation points include a question embedded in the video recording, quiz, assignment or graded discussion.

iClicker Student Mobile (disclaimer)

We do not currently know what technology students will have while trying to view the online classes.  Many of the students may be trying to view the class on a mobile device. Student response systems like iClicker (or their mobile component Student Mobile) require a student on a mobile device to leave the Zoom app and answer the polling question in the iClicker app. On newer phones, they are able to open the 2nd app without Zoom closing but on older mobile devices they will have to leave Zoom to answer the question and then re-log back into Zoom after they answer the question. In our testing, this was very difficult to do while trying to still follow what was going on in the class.

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