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Using iClicker with TritonEd

How to register remotes and sync iClicker with the TritonEd learning management system.

You can begin polling your class as soon as you complete Step 1 below.

Step 2 may reduce student questions about registering their clicker.

Steps 3 and 4 are done to link your clicker course with your course in TritonEd.

1: Install and Setup the iClicker Software

If you haven’t already, download the latest version 7 of the iClicker software with TritonEd integration files from the Downloading and Installing page, and follow the instructions to setup the software.

2: Encourage Student iClicker Registration in TritonEd

In your syllabus or other communications with students, encourage them to register their iClicker in TritonEd.  They only need to do that once for all of their classes, so most will have done it already, but if any students ask, they can click the iClicker Register button on their TritonEd dashboard.

iClicker Remote ID Registration in TritonEd

Students may only use one clicker during a class session. If a student attempts to use two iClickers that are registered to them during a single session, or lends one to a friend who is also enrolled in the class, then an error will occur. To prevent these errors, encourage students to remove in TritonEd any clickers they are not using.

3: Sync iClicker with your Course in TritonEd

  1. If it is not already, open your course in TritonEd and open the Course Tools section on the left.
  2. Click the iClicker Instructor Tools link, then SSO Security Key. This will display your iClicker security key. Highlight the key and press Command-C or Control-C to copy it.
  3. Open the iClicker software, select your course, click Settings and then the Gradebook tab.
  4. Click Select Course. (If you have no Select Course button, you have downloaded the non-TritonEd version of the iClicker software. Delete that folder and go back to the Software page to download the iClicker software with the integration for TritonEd.)
  5. Enter your TritonEd username in the top box and press Command-V or Control-V to paste your security key into the lower box. Click Log In. (If you see a course list instead of these boxes, it just means you previously linked your iClicker software to TritonEd.)
  6. Your TritonEd courses will be listed in a new window. Be sure to choose the correct class, and click Select. You will then see your class on the Gradebook tab.

4: Sync the Class Roster

  1. If it is not already, open the iClicker application, select your course, and click Open Gradebook.
  2. Click Sync Roster. You will see a progress bar, then the message "Student roster downloaded successfully."

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