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Planning a Course for iClickers

Learn how to order clickers and provide registration instructions in your syllabus.

Request an iClicker Instructor Kit and Receive Basic Technical Training

This website is designed to train you in using clickers for your class. To receive an instructor kit, as well as personalized training if desired, contact ETS.
phone: (858) 822-3315

Order Clickers for Your Students to Purchase

Contact the Course Materials Buyer at the UC San Diego Bookstore

Faculty Clicker Orders:

In order to assure that clickers are on the shelves for the first day of class, instructors should place an order with the UC San Diego Bookstore no later than 1 to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. Same day requests can be accommodated, depending on stock at hand.

Student Clicker Purchase:

Clickers are available adjacent to the textbook info counter in the Bookstore, or can be purchased new or used online. (When used clickers are purchased, if the instructor does not use Canvas the student will need to pay iClicker a used-clicker registration fee).

Clicker Sell-Back:

Students may sell their used clicker back to the Bookstore if the Bookstore needs extras, which is usually the case.

Syllabus Suggestions

Although most students already have registered clickers, we suggest that you put clear instructions in your syllabus about a deadline for students to register their clickers and an explanation of how to do this.

  • If you are using Canvas, here are instructions to give your students:
    • How to register your clicker in Canvas:
      1. Login to Canvas
      2. Open iClicker Tool
        • Navigate to the iClicker tab (1) in your course's left navigation bar. Enter your iClicker's remote ID (2) located on the back of your remote, and click Register (3).
          iClicker registration in Canvas
      3. Confirm Registration
        • Make sure your registration number is correct. If it is not, click Remove to start over.
          iClicker remote registration in Canvas

Student Mobile App

To allow students to use the Student Mobile app, an instructor needs to enable Student Mobile in the iClicker software. (You will only see the Student Mobile polling tab in your settings if you have downloaded iClicker 7.10 or higher from the Downloading and Installing page.)

Students can get information about creating a Student Mobile account and registering for a class from this iClicker support article

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For information on polling for online instruction, see our Polling for Remote Instruction page.
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