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iClicker Classic: Before Class

Learn what you need to do before using clickers in the classroom.


At the end of 2023, iClicker Classic will no longer be supported. All instructors who wish to continue using iClicker should plan the switch to iClicker Cloud for use no later than the beginning of Winter 2024 term.


Throughout this process, both iClicker and EdTech Support are committed to assisting you. The transition is designed to be simple, involving just four easy steps. For steps to transition, visit Before Class.

Before you use iClickers in your classroom, follow these instructions:
  1. Plan your Course: Learn how to plan your course for iClickers and make them available for your students.
  2. Download and Install the Software: Download the latest version of the iClicker Classic software.
  3. Create your Course in iClicker: Learn how to setup your class in the iClicker Classic software and adjust course settings (including remote frequency and scoring)
  4. Integrate Canvas: Register remotes and sync the class roster through Canvas for iClicker Classic.
  5. Create iClicker Questions: Learn how to design course content to work as clicker presentations.

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