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iClickers: After Class

Learn how to view, modify and transfer iClicker student response data to a learning management or grading system.

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Accessing Polling Data

Generally you will access your clicker results through the Gradebook in the iClicker software, but if you want to see the raw session data, the xml files are stored in the Classes folder within the root folder of the iClicker application.

Gradebook Basics

In the main iClicker window, click on Open Gradebook.
iClicker main window

The Gradebook will open showing a list of students in the left-most column and the polling sessions across the top.

Student names will be associated with the results after syncing your roster with TritonEd or downloading your roster using the Class lists tool.
iClicker Gradebook window

Students with registered clickers will appear in blue and students without registered clickers will appear in red. The recorded votes of students who have not yet registered are stored under their iClicker remote ID.

Each Session Column is labeled by default with the polling session date. If you conduct two polling sessions on the same day, those two sessions will be shown separately on the main screen.

Viewing Sessions

Click the blue View button underneath the session you would like to access.

Click on the Summary button at the top left of the window to see an overview of your session. You may want to change the session name to include the lecture number, date, or topics covered. Click Done when finished.

iClicker records a screenshot every time you run a poll. You can navigate these thumbnails to open your session questions.

Setting or Changing Correct Answers

  • If you want to set correct answers after the fact, or pick a different correct answer than what you selected during class, you can check a box next to the response that you want.

Deleting a Question

  • Use the Delete Question button to delete false starts or questions that you do not wish to score.

Multiple Correct Answers to a Question

  • You are not able to choose multiple correct answers to a question.
  • If you want to have multiple correct answers you can click in the “Points” box to the right of the responses and give the desired points for that answer. In the example below a point was given for “C” along with “D.”
    iClicker session report

Update Scoring

When you click Scoring you can update the participation and performance settings for all questions in the session. When you're ready, click Done to save the scoring settings for the session and return to the Session Details window.

iClicker scoring window


  • Any changes made in this session scoring window will apply to the current session only. Visit the Gradebook tab of the Course Settings to change the default settings for all future sessions.
  • If you would like to make changes to scores for an individual student – including awarding partial credit – you cannot do this in the iClicker Classic Gradebook. Sync your gradebook with TritonEd (or other LMS) and make the changes there (or export your session results from iClicker Classic and make changes directly in the Excel or csv file).

Generating Reports

iClicker allows you to prepare reports in Excel or HTML format for the sessions you ran during class. Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program capable of reading .xlsx formatted files is required if you choose to save as Excel. Use a spreadsheet application to open, review, and print the results.

Open the course Gradebook and choose the Reports option.
iClicker Gradebook window

Specify the options for your report. 
iClicker Report Settings window

Choose the session(s) to appear in the report(s) and click Next.
iClicker Report Session Data window

Choose where you would like to save your report(s) and then open them to review. By default, reports are saved in the Reports folder located inside the class folder. After your file downloads, open the file to view the report.

Overall Summary Report

The overall summary report shows a summary of sessions for the course, including the number of students who voted in class and the number of questions asked. If you also generated session summary reports, the sessions listed in the Name column will appear as hyperlinks. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the respective session summary report.

Overall Summary Report in Excel

Session Summary Report

The session summary report gives a more detailed view of a session, including information about students in the course and in the session. Information for each question in the session is also available. Click on the question tabs in the reports (or question hyperlinks) to see specific information for each question.

Session Summary Report in Excel

Session Summary Report - Question View

The question tab shows detailed information about a specific question in a session. It shows how each student answered; incorrect answers appear in red in the response column. A screen capture of the instructor's desktop during polling is shown, as well as the results chart for the question.

Session Summary Report in Excel

Student Summary Report

The student summary report gives a more in-depth view for each student in the class. It shows the student's percentage, performance points, participation points and the number of points received for each session. A red Ab indicates the student was absent (did not answer any clicker questions in class for the session).

Student Summary Report in Excel

Question Detail Report

The question detail report shows all answers for every student and all questions in a single session. Depending on the details you choose, it shows the name, clicker ID, student ID, and then always displays the total, percentage, and the responses for each question. If a correct answer is chosen, you will see that in brackets after the question heading. For example, for Question 1, the correct answer is C.

Question Detail Report in Excel

Uploading Scores to Canvas

Upload iClicker polling data

After you’ve polled your students in class, your polling data will appear in the iClicker gradebook. You can view students’ points, adjust scores, delete questions, synchronize registrations and export/upload student polling data into your Canvas gradebook.

Sync scores in iClicker Gradebook

Launch iClicker, select your course and click Open Gradebook.

From the Gradebook main window, select Sync Scores.
iClicker "Sync Scores"

Select sessions to upload

The Upload Scores to LMS window appears, allowing you to select sessions. Select the session(s) you wish to upload and click Next.
Upload Sessions

Customize your uploaded data

Choose how you would like your scores to upload and click Upload.
Upload Data

Your data will be uploaded to Canvas, and you will receive a confirmation message. You will be able to edit individual student iClicker scores within the Grades section of Canvas after you’ve uploaded the data.

If your Canvas credentials were not saved during course setup in iClicker, you will need to enter your credentials.

Note: If you want to sync aggregate sessions into multiple columns, follow these steps each time:

  • Perform an aggregate sync.
  • In Canvas, rename the corresponding column after performing the sync. This will prevent your next aggregate sync from overriding the previous aggregate sync you performed.
  • Perform your next aggregate sync, then rename it.
  • Example: An aggregate sync for Session 1 - Session 4 will show up in a single column labelled iClicker Total. Make sure you rename that column before you sync the aggregate score for your next set of sessions, like Session 5 - Session 10. Otherwise it will override your Session 1 - Session 4 sync.

Review iClicker Scores in Canvas

Once you have uploaded your iClicker polling data to your Canvas course, you can review the scores within the LMS.

Go to Grades in your Canvas course

Log in to Canvas and select the course for which you wish to view your updated gradebook.

Once on your course home page, click the Grades link in the left navigation area.
Canvas Grades

The Grades page will open with your newly imported iClicker scores. The session scores will appear as numeric scores and may be edited like any other scores within Canvas.

Student iClicker Remote Registration

Students can register their remotes within Canvas by clicking the iClicker Registration link within Canvas. Instruct your students to:

  1. Log into Canvas and select your course.
  2. Click the iClicker Registration link in the left navigation pane.
    Canvas Remote Registration
  3. Enter your iClicker remote ID and click Register.

Uploading Scores to TritonEd

The only place your polling results are automatically saved is on the computer you use in class, so we recommend you upload the scores to TritonEd (or other LMS) often. This will back-up the scores, as well as help alert students if there is some problem with their clicker registration or performance. For maximum safety, you should also back up the Classes folder in your iClicker folder on a regular basis. When you upload your scores to TritonEd, for each session that you see in iClicker it will create one or two columns, depending on how you export participation and performance points.

  1. If not already, open iClicker, select your class, and click Open Gradebook.
  2. If you told iClicker not to remember your TritonEd credentials when you synced your roster, you will need to enter them now.
  3. Click Sync Scores.
  4. iClicker will ask you which sessions to export. Select the desired sessions, then click Next.
  5. iClicker will ask you to customize how the data is sent to TritonEd. After making your selections, click Upload. After uploading, iClicker will let you know the data transfer was successful.

Note: If any students have registered their iClicker since the last time you uploaded scores, you will need to re-upload the previous sessions in order for the newly registered students' scores to show up on TritonEd.

Multiple Clickers Error Message when Uploading to TritonEd

If a student attempts to use two iClickers that are registered to him or her during a single session, or lends one to a friend who is also enrolled in the class, then an error will occur. As long as that clicker remains registered to the first student, the error will occur even if the friend registers the clicker to his or her ID. This error will interfere with the upload of the session scores to TritonEd and will need to be resolved before scores can be uploaded. For information on how to clear up the problem, contact clickers@ucsd.edu.

Duplicate Clicker Warning message

Viewing the Grade Center in TritonEd

TritonEd Grade Center

  1. Login to TritonEd and go to the Full Grade Center.
  2. When you upload scores from the iClicker software, a new column will be created in TritonEd for that session. The title of the column will match the title of your session.
  3. iClicker scores can be edited in TritonEd if needed.*

*Note that once you make changes to scores in TritonEd, re-uploading scores for those sessions from iClicker will override the changes you made in TritonEd.

For help with scoring in TritonEd, see the TritonEd: Grade Center page or contact the EdTech support team at edtech@ucsd.edu

How to Export Polling Results from iClicker Classic

Exporting the student polling results creates a comma-separated values (.cvs) file that can be opened by a spreadsheet program or imported into another learning management system (LMS) or grading app.

Open the Gradebook and click Export

iClicker Gradebook window

Choose the session(s) to export

Choose your sessions then click Save. The selected LMS will appear next to File Format. For example, if you choose Blackboard as your LMS in Settings, Blackboard will be listed as the file format in the export window.

iClicker Gradebook window

Select export options

If you selected more than one session, you can export each session as a separate entry or aggregate the sessions together. The latter option is useful if you want to record one cumulative entry for all of the selected sessions.

​Choose how you want to export the points earned by each student. For example, export the total points earned or just the performance points.

Click Export when you are satisfied with your selections.

iClicker Gradebook window 

Enter a filename and location and save

You can then access the file from its location and open it.

Save As window

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 Congratulations, you have completed your iClicker training!
Feel free to check out other iClicker Resources, or check out the iClicker FAQ if you have any questions.