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How to Rent a UC San Diego Vehicle

University employees who have a valid state driver’s license can rent a vehicle from Fleet Services for official business travel.

Go Green!

Plug-In Prius Hybrid

  • Like the conventional Prius, only  with a rechargeable battery that powers the vehicle for the first 11 miles, extending its 500-mile travel range.
  • No charging required;  runs as a gasoline-powered hybrid when battery is depleted
  • EPA rated 50 mpg, making it the most sustainable vehicle in our fleet
  • Allows a single occupant legal access to HOV (carpool) lanes
  • Watch video

Benefits of renting a university vehicle include: 

  • NEW! Automatic Orange County Toll Road billing - no need to pay online
  • Free campus parking in any A, B, S, visitor, service yard and metered spaces and complimentary parking at UC and CSU campuses
  • No additional taxes or fees and easy departmental billing –no purchase order, check, or Express Card needed
  • UC insurance
  • Professionally maintained vehicles and 24-hour California roadside assistance
  • No fueling required upon return (pay only for fuel used)

Follow these steps to rent a UC San Diego vehicle.

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1. Complete a Vehicle Use Authorization Form.

  1. The department renting the vehicle for official business use must complete the Customer Section of the Vehicle Use Authorization Form (PDF) before picking up a vehicle.
  2. Ensure that the approving person with fiscal authority signs the form and that billing information is complete.

2. Request a vehicle.

  1. Select the type of vehicle you want to rent.

    Daily Rental Rates
    Vehicle type Size 7+ years old 0–6 years old
    Neighborhood electric vehicle Standard N/A $71
    Sedan (includes Prius hybrid) Medium N/A $58
    Pickup Large N/A $68
    Specialty dually $76 N/A
    SUV or passenger van 9-pass* N/A $100
    Suburban SUV $79 N/A
    * Total occupants
  2. Collect the following information to prepare a request:
    • Date and time the vehicle will be picked up from Fleet Services
    • Type of vehicle (e.g., car, van, or truck)
    • Driver's name
    • Department
    • Index or budget number
    • Phone number
    • Driver's destination (e.g., local, Orange County, etc.)
  3. Submit your vehicle request in one of the following ways:
    • Call Fleet Services, (858) 534-3485, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.
    • Conveniently reserve a vehicle at any time in Marketplace via Single Sign-On. Use the Fleet Services punchout and reserve a vehicle at least two business days in advance.  A staff member will confirm your reservation.
    • Fax your request to Fleet Services, (858) 534-2051, at least two business days in advance.
    • Visit the Fleet Services office located on the east side of the Campus Services Complex across from the Central Garage (map).

Note: Cancel any reservation at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a half-day rental charge.

3. Pick up your vehicle at Fleet Services.

  • The Fleet Services office is located on the east side of the Campus Services Complex across from the Central Garage (map).
  • Bring your completed Vehicle Use Authorization Form (PDF) with you, unless vehicle was reserved through Marketplace or form was faxed to the office.
  • You must present a valid state driver's license when picking up your vehicle.

4. Return your vehicle to Fleet Services.

After returning to Fleet Services (map), complete the following information in the Vehicle Return Section of your Vehicle Use Authorization Form:

  1. Ending mileage
  2. Date and time returned
  3. Signature

If you return your vehicle during business hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, leave the key at the office. If you return your vehicle after business hours:

  • Park in the lot across from the Fleet Services office.
  • Lock the vehicle.
  • Put the key and your copy of the Vehicle Use Authorization Form in the Night Drop Box located outside the main gate of Fleet Services.

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Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/vehiclerental