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Sustainable Vehicle Use and Maintenance

Learn how UC San Diego uses new technology to reduce waste and vehicle emissions.

A more sustainable fleet

UC San Diego is reducing its reliance on conventional, gas-powered vehicles and capitalizing on new technology to build a more sustainable fleet through these efforts:

  • Prius In 2004, Vehicle Services replaced several older vehicles with the fuel-efficient hybrid Toyota Prius.
  • Fleet and Shuttle Services’ buses run on either renewable CNG or bio-diesel.

By changing purchasing and maintenance procedures, UC San Diego's Fleet Services has become a California certified Vehicle Service & Repair Model Shop. Fleet Services has:

  • Received free technical training for vehicle services employees and reduced their exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Increased its compliance with environmental regulations by reducing hazardous materials handled and hazardous waste generated

Cost and energy savings

Fleet Services' improved maintenance and repair procedures include:

  • Using recap tires on shuttle fleet:
    • Requires 30% less energy and 66% less oil to produce than new tires
    • Costs 30% to 60% less than new tires
  • Using synthetic transmission fluid lengthening shuttle fleet service intervals and decreasing hazardous waste