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UC San Diego Vehicle Accident/ Incident Reporting

Find out what reporting procedures to follow if you are involved in an auto accident or incident while driving a UC San Diego vehicle.

All employees involved in accidents/ incidents while driving university vehicles must report within 24 hours to Risk Management or Fleet Services, or the university's third-party administrator.

Filing Vehicle Accident/ Incident Reports

When completing a report, include your 4-digit vehicle number and the date the accident/ incident occurred. A Fleet Services employee will photograph the vehicle and arrange for estimates/repairs if necessary.

You can submit Vehicle Accident/ Incident Reports in one of these ways:

  • Complete the Vehicle Accident/Incident Reporting Packet contained in the glove compartment of the UC San Diego vehicle
    • To order a Vehicle Accident/Incident Reporting Packet, contact Risk Management, (858) 246-0369, or Fleet Services, (858) 534-3485.
    • Return the completed packet to Fleet Services, Mail Code 0033
  • Call the university's third-party administrator directly at 1-800-416-4029 to report the claim
  • Complete the Online Vehicle Accident/Incident Report

Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/accidentreport