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How to Complete a Shipping Memo

Follow the steps below to complete a shipping memo.

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1. Get a Shipping Memo.

  1. If you need a form, order it from Imprints, 858-534-3020.
  2. Click to see a sample of the Shipping Memo (PDF).

2. Complete the top part of the Shipping Memo.

  1. On the left side of the Shipping Memo, fill in the Ship To box:
    • Company/ individual name
    • Full street address (post office box deliveries are not permitted)
    • City, state, and ZIP code
    • Attention: name of contact person
    • Phone number of contact person
  2. On the right side of the Shipping Memo:
    • Fill in the date.
    • Indicate the index number being charged.
    • List your preferred carrier on the line following Ship Via.  If you leave the line blank, Shipping will choose the carrier.
    • Check your choice of transportation:
      • Air
      • Truck
      • UPS
      • FedEx
      • Ocean
    • Check your choice of payment and action:
      • Urgent: Ship immediately
      • Prepaid: Bill the index number
      • Collect: Paid by the name of the company/ individual in the Ship To box
      • Routine: No special action required
      • Vendor Pickup: Hold for pickup
    • Fill in your required delivery date.

Note: If your shipment contains hazardous material, check the yes box and write "Hazardous Material" in the Description of Contents section (explained in step 4).

3. If applicable, complete the Return Damaged or Incorrect Merchandise section of the middle part of the Shipping Memo.

If you're returning goods to a vendor:

  1. List the UCSD purchase order number or any identification number.
  2. List the Return Goods Number: Contact the vendor and request this number or get the vendor's approval to return the goods to avoid refusal of the shipment.
  3. Indicate if goods are:
    • Returned for replacement
    • Returned for credit
    • Other

4. Complete the Quantity Shipped, Description of Contents, and Item Value section of the middle part of the Shipping Memo.

  1. Under Quantity Shipped, list each package you're shipping. If your shipment consists of multiple packages:
    • Mark each package with running total numbers such as "1 of 3."
    • List each package number on the Shipping Memo.
    • List the contents of each package separately.
      • Note: If you need to have your shipment repackaged, include a notation.
  2. Under Description of Contents, list the contents of each package separately. If dry ice is included in your shipment, indicate the dry ice weight.
  3. Under Item Value, list the value of each package.
  4. If you're shipping a package of non-hazardous materials outside the United States, see How to Ship a Package Outside the United States for additional international shipping instructions.

Note: If your shipment contains hazardous material, see How to Ship Hazardous Materials for additional shipping instructions.

5. Complete the reason for shipment and authorization section in the middle part of the Shipping Memo.

  1. In the Check One section, check the reason for shipment.
  2. Have the form signed by the person in your department who has the authority to sign for the index being charged and provide:
    • Printed name and signature
    • Phone number
    • Mail Code

6. Ship your package.

  1. Put the completed Shipping Memo (except for the pink copy which you retain for your records) in an envelope marked "Shipping" and tape it to your package.
  2. To ship the package, follow the instructions on the appropriate page below:
  3. The person in your department who signed the Shipping Memo will receive a yellow copy of the form when Shipping processes the package. Keep the yellow copy to check your shipping charges.

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