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How to Ship a Package Within the United States (Non-hazardous)

Find out how to ship a package within the United States (non-hazardous materials).

Note: Before you ship a package, find out about shipping services and options. See Shipping Overview.

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1. Fill out a Shipping Memo form.

  1. If you need a form, order it from Imprints, (858) 534-3020.
  2. To complete the form, follow the step-by-step instructions on How to Complete a Shipping Memo.
  3. Note: If your shipment consists of multiple packages:
    • Mark each package with running-total numbers such as "1 of 3".
    • List each package number on the Shipping Memo.
    • List the contents of each package separately.
  4. Keep the pink copy of the form for your records. Use the remaining copies of the form in step 4.

2. Obtain insurance.

  1. It is important to insure your shipment. To determine your insurance needs, see Transit Insurance.
  2. Receive required approval before going to the next step.

For insurance questions, contact EHSRISK@ucsd.edu (858)-534-2454.

3. Request pickup.

  1. Note: If your shipment contains:
  1. All other requests for pickup require 24-hour notice.
    1. Submit a case to ASK (login required)
    2. Select Primary Category: Ship, Receive, Mail, Recycle and Sub-Category: Domestic Packages (Outgoing).
    3. Please attach completed Shipping Memo and indicate the pick up location in your request.

4. Prepare your package.

  1. If your shipment consists of multiple packages, be sure to follow the instructions in Step 1c.
  2. Securely package each item you want to ship.
  3. Put the Shipping Memo (except for the pink copy which you retain for your records) in an envelope marked "Shipping," and tape it to the package.

5. Give the package to the driver.

  1. The driver will pick up your package and deliver it to the Outbound Shipping Team.
  2. For liability reasons, Drivers can only pick up shipments that they have a pick up request for.

6. Check your shipping charges.

Once your package is shipped, use the yellow copy of the Shipping Memo and see How to Check Your Shipping Charges.

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