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Shipping Charges

Find out about UCSD shipping charges.

The UCSD Shipping Department can save you shipping costs. UCSD has contracts and agreements with several carriers to provide discounted shipping rates when your shipment is coordinated by the Shipping Department.

Any outbound international shipment that is valued over $2,500 requires us to fill out an Electronic Export Information (EEI). The shipment value on the Shipping Memo must be the true value of the item.  If the item is not new then the value would be the current "used" value.

Outbound Shipping Services

  • Shipping Cost: 
    • ShipIt Shipping (FedEx/UPS) Varies
    • Outbound Shipping (FedEx/UPS) Varies
    • Metered Mail (USPS) Varies
    • Bulk Mail (USPS) Varies
Shipping pricing varies, based on the carrier and type of packaging being shipped. For shipping estimates, please fill out the Shipping Rate Quote form below
  • Packaging and crating services: If the Shipping Department assist with palletizing, banding, shrink wrapping or adding regulated material, your index will be recharged for the materials used.
  • Type of transportation: The carrier charges shipping fees to ship your item. UCSD Shipping has agreements with several carriers to provide efficient service at discounted rates.
  • Insurance costs: It is important to insure your shipment. To determine your insurance costs, see Transit Insurance
  • International: All international shipments are subject to tax and duty fees
  • Hazardous materials: Additional fees are assessed by the carrier to ship hazardous material
  • Carrier Fees: UCSD Brokers, Carriers, and Trucking Companies' charges are based on size, weight, service level, and destination of the shipment

After your package is shipped, see How to Check Your Shipping Charges.

To request a shipping quote:

  1. Download the Shipping Rate Quote (PDF)
  2. Complete the form
  3. Submit the form through ASK (login required) to the UCSD Shipping Coordinator.