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Receiving and Distribution's track&ship

Learn more about Receiving and Distribution's package tracking application, track&ship.

A few immediate benefits of Receiving and Distribution's track&ship:

  • An email notification is issued once the status of your package is set to 'Received' or 'Delivered'
  • Your Blink information auto-defaults during the receiving process
  • Your Marketplace PO ship-to address auto-defaults during the receiving process
  • A log is kept of all notes, updates, and status changes to your packages

Upcoming enhancements include:

  • Real-time visibility into delivery and receipt status (i.e. Received, Research, Pending Return, Customer Pickup, Delivered, Delivery Attempted, and Delivery Refused)
  • Ability to capture campus signatures on an electronic handheld device
  • More email notifications for the following statuses: Delivery Attempted, Delivery Attempts Exhausted
  • Ability to update the delivery location and name of the person signing for the package during delivery
  • Email proof of delivery signature in real time

To take advantage of the track&ship features please review the following:

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Update your Marketplace shipping address

Make sure you have the right addresses set up in your profile and that you select the correct location each time you place an order. Receiving and Distribution will deliver to the address associated with the PO, so please ensure the designated address is the location where you would like the PO delivered.

Step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to update and add additional addresses in Marketplace are available. 

Update your Blink profile

In your Blink profile (mydirectory.ucsd.edu) make sure the building name, room number, and bay letter is entered correctly for your location (this is the location where we will deliver your packages if there is no PO number noted on the outside of your package)

To update your Blink profile:

  • Navigate to Blink
  • Search for your name in the Find Faculty/Staff search bar in the top right corner
  • When looking at your directory entry, at the bottom of the page click Request changes to the directory information above to edit your Blink profile

Manage new email notifications

Email notifications are now issued when a package is received at Trade Street and when packages are delivered to campus. If you would prefer to have those emails route to a sepcial folder so they are accessible but not disruptive, you are encouraged to set up an inbox rule within your current email client.

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