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How to Use the Self-Store Security System

Learn how to use the UCSD Self-Store security system.

  • Spaces #1-100: These spaces have 24/7 access and require a unique 5-digit access code. After you receive your code, see Step 1.
  • Spaces #201-270: These spaces are only available 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m., Monday–Friday (excluding UCSD holidays) and don't require a code. Please check in with the front office. 

Tip: Print these instructions and take them with you to Self-Store.

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1. Enter your 5-digit access code.

  • On the door marked UCSD Self-Store, look for a numerical key pad. Enter a "1," then your 4-digit access code, and lastly the "#" sign. 
  • An electric door latch will release and allow you to enter.

Note: All entrance activities, including the date and time of entry, are recorded via the access code.

2. Enter the Self-Store facility and turn on the lights.

  • The storage facility has 3 sections:
    1. Ground floor (24-hour access)
    2. Mezzanine (24-hour access)
    3. Ground floor spaces #201-270 (Access 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m., Monday–Friday exluding UCSD holidays).
  • Find the 3 rotary dial light switches located to the left of the double doors on both levels. Rotate each dial switch clockwise, and a bank of lights will activate for 30 minutes.
  • Reset the timer at any time during the cycle. If not reset, the lights will automatically shut off in 30 minutes.

3. Use the dockside roll-up freight doors on the ground floor.

After you enter the storage facility via the front access door, you may open any or all of the roll-up doors. No additional access (keypad) entry is necessary.

4. Use the freight only elevator for freight access to/ from the mezzanine level.

Operating instructions are available at the elevator.

5. Avoid activating the silent alarm.

Note: If you hear a high pitched buzzing sound, this is a warning that the silent alarm is about to be activated.

To avoid activating the silent alarm:

  • Go to the nearest keypad.
  • Enter your access code.
  • Press # or enter.

If you fail to follow these instructions, the police will be called.

6. Do not open the Emergency Use Only rear access door.

The Emergency Use Only rear access door is for emergencies only. If opened, a silent alarm is activated.

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