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How to Complete a Moving Service Form

Learn how to complete the Moving Service Form to request office or lab moving services.

Note: Laboratory moves require special care. Read How to Close or Relocate a UCSD Laboratory.

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1. Get a Moving Service Form.

Download the Moving Service Form (PDF).

2. Complete the top part of the Moving Service Form.

  1. List your department's:
    • Phone number
    • Contact person
    • Index number being charged
    • Mail Code
    • Building and room number (in the Location box)
    • Fax number
    • Note: Your department's index will be recharged for the moving service charges.
  2. Fill in the date you complete the form.
  3. Indicate the date and the time you want your items moved in the Date Requesting and Time boxes.

3. Read the waiver statement and obtain insurance.

  • After reading the waiver statement on the Moving Service Form, sign your name on the Signature line.
  • To get insurance prior to your move, contact Risk Management, (858) 534-2454.

Note: Moving Services is not financially responsible for any damage that may occur in the course of any type of move.

4. Complete the middle part of the Moving Service Form.

  1. Give a brief description of your moving job on the line following Job Description.
  2. Indicate special instructions and directions for Moving Services.
  3. List all items to be moved and the quantity of each item. If any items are going to Surplus Sales, it must be entered in CAMS prior to the move. 
    • Note: Moving Services can uncrate or assemble your item for an additional charge. Indicate the items you want uncrated or assembled as you list them.
  4. Fax the form to (858) 530-0676, Attention: Moving Services or send the form through ASK (login required). 
  5. The Moving Services coordinator will contact you to schedule service. Service may be scheduled between five to 10 days from the date of form receipt.

Note: Moving Services will perform only the work designated on the Moving Service Form. If you realize you need additional work done, submit another Moving Service Form, and that work will be scheduled at a later time.

5. Moving Services will complete the bottom part of the Moving Service Form.

After the recharge is posted, a copy of the Moving Service Form will be returned to you. Keep the copy to check your moving service charges.

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