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How to Relocate a UCSD Office

Use this checklist to ensure a smooth transition when your office or department moves to a new location.

Note: To move a lab, see How to Close or Relocate a UCSD Laboratory.

For best results, form a moving team made up of key people from your staff and contacts from outside departments such as Facilities Management, Moving Services, Procurement & Contracts, and ITS (Information Technology Services), and then follow the recommendations below.

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Establish a timeline.

Use the rest of the items in this checklist to establish a timeline for your move.

Select a moving service and schedule the move.

Note: Depending on the availability of your moving service, you may have to adjust your timeline.

To use UCSD's movers, contact Moving Services. For information on outside moving services, contact Todd Adams, (858) 534-6700.

  • Choose a date or time frame for the move to take place.
  • Allow as much time as possible to plan your move (if possible, at least 6 months).
  • Determine who is packing (staff or mover).
  • Identify individuals who will be moving and:
    • Notify them of the moving date
    • Determine any special requirements they may have

Coordinate individual office/ cubicle belongings.

Determine what furniture, equipment, computers, and supplies are being moved and to where, then:

  • Create a plan for identifying items by office or cubicle (for example, color-coded labels).
  • Coordinate delivery with the moving service, using the identification plan.

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

Insurance is required for all moves, whether by UCSD Moving Services or an outside moving vendor.

Arrange for minor construction services, signage, space planning, and new furniture if necessary.

Obtain clearance from Environment, Health & Safety.

If you are moving any hazardous material or equipment:

Arrange for transfer of telephone and network services.

Submit an online Customer Service Request (CSR) with Administrative Computing & Telecommunication (ACT).

Arrange for installation or rekeying of locks in the new space.

Contact UCSD lock and key services.

  • Purchase additional locks, as needed.
  • Coordinate collection of old keys and distribution of new ones.

Arrange for moving your copy machine.

Contact Imprints to move your copy machine.

  • If your copy machine has a card reader, be sure to contact Imprints in advance to arrange for moving datalines.

Dispose of unnecessary furniture or equipment.

Arrange for office security.

Contact the UCSD Police Department for assistance with:

  • Choosing an alarm system for your new office space, if necessary
  • Security issues during your move
  • Adding your new location to the Police Department's security check route and system

Notify necessary campus departments.

Be sure to update the following:

Arrange for cleaning the space you are leaving.

Read the list of UCSD cleaning services provided by Facilities Management.

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