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How to Find Mail Codes for UCSD Affiliates

Use one of these strategies to locate Mail Codes for UCSD affiliates' employees or departments.

UCSD provides interoffice mail service to several affiliates, including:

  • Children's Hospital
  • UCSD Medical Center
  • Veterans Administration Hospital

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To find a UCSD employee

Enter the employee's name into the search field in the Blink online directory (below the tab bar at the top of every Blink page), then:

  1. Click Go.
  2. Check the search results to see the employee's Mail Code.

Note: You can enter the first or last name, part of a name, or even the phone extension of an employee into the Blink online directory to find contact information.

To find a department

Go to the Department Quick Index, then:

  1. Use the alphabetical index to locate the department.
  2. Click the "Contact listings" link.
  3. Look for the Mail Code in the column that appears to the left of the department name.

To see all UCSD Mail Codes, check the Mandatory Mail Code list.

Go to the Mandatory Mail Code list (Excel file), then:

  • Review Mail Codes, listed by geographic location (off-campus locations are highlighted in yellow).

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