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UPS and the UC System

Marketing effort to help promote UPS services due to contract signed by UCOP and UPS.

University of California and UC San Diego are now contracted with UPS as our primary provider for domestic, expedited small parcel shipments.

FedEx still remains the carrier for some international shipments, as well as some hazardous and dangerous goods shipments.

Benefits of contracting with UPS:

  • UPS delivers more packages overnight on time in the U.S. and delivers more guaranteed packages on time around the world than any other carrier.
  • Choose time-specific delivery by air and ground.
  • Send letters, packages or freight shipments of virtually any size.
  • Find flexible pickup and drop-off options for frequent shippers.
  • For more information, read the brochure (PDF)

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Why UPS?

  • UCOP signed a 5-year agreement with UPS that will offer an average 25% cost reduction on shipping services and fees, which is projected to save UC San Diego about $606,000 annually.
  • The contract includes set custom UPS rates for the entire UC system.

How do I ship using UPS?

There are a few ways to ship your items via UPS:

  • ShipIt - User based shipping portal where customers can create and print a shipping label for documents and small packages from their desktop.
  • Mail Services - Located in Campus Services Complex Building A, customers can ship small, non-hazardous packages domestically, as well as non-technical documents internationally.
  • Material Support Services -  Located at 7835 Trade Street, customers can ship small packages, large freight packages, and hazardous and dangerous goods packages domestically and internationally.

How can I tell that UPS rates are reducing shipping costs?

The easiest way for a customer to compare rates for UPS and FedEx is through ShipIt. This portal allows customers to use a rate shop fuction rather than specifically selecting a carrier and service. This rate shop function calculates the cost of the shipment for both carriers, and the customer can then view and select which carrier/service they prefer based on cost, day and time of delivery, and if the service is guaranteed or not.

Mail Services and Material Support Services uses this same rate shop function at their locations to ensure the customer is receiving the best prices for the type of service and/or delivery date that is requested.

Can I sill use FedEx?

Yes, but in most cases UPS rates and services will be guaranteed and more cost efficient.

Note: FedEx will still remain as the carrier for some international shipments, as well as some hazardous and dangerous goods shipments.

What if I have my own FedEx account?

We highly encourage our customers to register for ShipIt. This portal allows you to charge your department's index, as well as receive a real time cost for your shipment. ShipIt also allows the shipping costs to be automatically paid once the shipment is delivered and billed, since the rates you see when processing the shipment are the rates you will be charged.

Follow the instructions on the ShipIt page to become a registered user.

If you would like to close your FedEx account and transition to ShipIt, please send your request to ASK (login required) to discuss a transition plan. Be sure to reference your account number.

I pay my FedEx account through SHIPS, how will I pay my UPS shipments?

By shipping through ShipIt, Mail Services, and Material Support Services, your shipments automatically get paid on the index you provide at the time of shipping. The basic process flow of a shipment from shipping to billing is simple:

  1. Customer creates a shipment and provides the index which is put into the shipping system.
  2. Shipment is sent and delivered.
  3. Shipment is billed to University's account.
  4. Billing system validates charges against the charges from carrier.
  5. Billing system charges the index associated with the shipment from the shipping system.

How do I ship internationally and dangerous goods?

  • FedEx will still remain as the carrier for some international shipments, as well as most hazardous and dangerous goods shipments.
  • Material Support Services will help you ship international packages, hazardous and dangerous goods, and large freight shipments.
  • Much information regarding these shipments can be found here
  • Be sure to use a shipping memo when requesting a pick up and shipping these types of items.

How do I pay for an incoming shipment?

For incoming shipments to UCSD the sender will need to bill the University’s inbound account number. We only offer inbound shipment payments for FedEx shipments.

  1. Submit an ASK case (login required) requesting a temporary FedEx inbound account to pay for an inbound shipment. From the “Primary Category” drop-down choose “Ship, Receive, Mail, Recycle”. From the “Sub-Category” drop-down choose either “International” or “Domestic Package”.
  2. You will need to attach a completed UCSD Shipping Memo to your case. Ensure you have the index number you want to charge for the shipment filled out in the top right corner of the Shipping Memo. Write down your name, address, and contact phone number of where you need the package delivered to at UCSD in the “Ship To:” section (top left) of the memo. In the middle of the form where it says “Description Of Contents” please write down a detailed description of what will be shipped to you. Below your description write in the words “Ship From:” and provide the full name, address, and contact phone number of where the package will be coming from.
  3. After the UCSD Shipping Memo has been received through ASK, we will provide you with a temporary one time use inbound FedEx account number and specific instructions to provide your contact to ship the package with.
  4. Once the invoice comes into us, we will pay the shipping costs with the index number you provided on the UCSD Shipping Memo.

I already have my own UPS account, how do I know if I am receiving the discounted rates?

In order for the rates to apply, your UPS account will have to be added to Mail Services' EDI billing file, where you will receive electronic invoices for your shipments. You will be able to pay the invoices using your departments index through the Shipping Invoice Payment System (SHIPS).

Contact your UC San Diego representative through ASK (login required) to have your account added. Be sure to include your UPS account number and request to be registered in SHIPS for that account. 

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