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How to Pay for Copies on Campus

Find out how to pay for copies made at Imprints copy centers, public copiers in campus buildings, UCSD libraries, and in departments.

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Copiers equipped with card readers

  • A green copy card is available with proper authorization. This card can be associated with one or more index numbers. To obtain a green copy card, your department must complete an Application for a Department Green Copy Card (PDF).
  • A UCSD campus photo ID card can be associated with one or more index numbers, with proper authorization. This card can be used for copying on any Imprints copier equipped with a card reader.

The card reader system uses 2 types of cards. When you swipe either card through the card reader and enter an authorized index number, the system will validate both the card and index number before allowing you to make copies.

Departments must notify Imprints of all index number changes, including early inactivation dates, as well as personnel changes. To add or delete index numbers to either type of card, your department’s financial manager must submit an Add/ Delete Index Numbers form (PDF).

To print to a multifunctional device from your departmental workstation, submit a print tracking request form (PDF).

Copies made in UCSD libraries

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