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Printing from Mobile Devices

Print a Web page or document in color or black-and-white from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, whether you’re on- or off-campus.The Web application sends your document to printers inside Geisel Library, the Biomedical Library, and Price Center. Your document prints when you arrive and pay.

You can also install software that sends documents to a print release station from inside your application (Windows only).

To print from your mobile device now, click the screenshot above, then click Print to begin. To learn more, expand the appropriate section below.

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Web-based printing (no software required)

This section is for most mobile users, including Mac users and Windows users who don’t want to install software. You can be anywhere. You must be connected to the Internet, but you don’t have to use campus wifi, web proxy, or VPN.

Printing most common file types is supported, including Adobe PDFs, Web pages, emails, and Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Visio. Check the full list of supported file types and get tips for printing emails and Web pages.

  1. If you’re printing a Web page, copy the URL to paste in later.
  2. Point your browser to the mobile printing page.
  3. Click Print and follow the prompts. Keep in mind:
    • Any user name should work. You don’t need to pre-register or request a user name.
    • Remember your password. You’ll need it to release the print job.
  4. Visit the print release station where you sent the document within 6 hours to begin printing.
  5. Pay with your campus photo ID or IAccess guest card. Standard printing rates are posted at the machines.

Consult the troubleshooting page or ask an Imprints expert if you have trouble.

Advanced Windows printing

PrintWhere software gives you more options when printing from your Windows laptop. It gives you the ability to:

  • Send documents from any software application to a remote printer (no Web interface needed)
  • Modifiy advanced print settings
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on a single page

One-time setup:

  1. Download and install the PrintWhere software onto your computer.
  2. Double-click Choose a Printer and search for UCSD. Choose the printer(s) you want to add.
  3. Make Imprints printers the default, or use your printer settings to select Imprints printers when needed.

To print:

  • To send a file to an Imprints printer, select PrintWhere as your printer and proceed as usual.
  • Note the privacy release code. You must enter it within 6 hours at the print release station in the library or Imprints at the Price Center to begin printing.
  • Pay with your campus photo ID or IAccess guest card. Standard printing rates are posted at the machines.

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