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Black & White Equipment Agreements Between Imprints and Departments

Departments share responsibility with Imprints for the operation and maintenance of Imprints equipment placed in their areas.

This page applies to B&W equipment only. See also Color Equipment Agreements.

Imprints services included in this agreement:

  • Paper (letter and legal sizes) - Your cost per page includes paper, though we require a monthly meter reading to determine your actual volume and paper entitlement. If you need more paper than actual copy usage, please purchase additional paper through Marketplace for convenience and approved paper types.
  • Toner - Beware of supplier scams offering toner or other supplies. (See details on how to identify a scam.) 
  • Service and all other supplies are provided as part of the cost-per- page rate, commensurate with your  machine usage.
  • Training on copier/walkup features as needed
  • Phone-in help desk assistance and on-site equipment service and maintenance. 
  • One professional key operator training for all the machine and network features is provided on all console, not desktop, multifunctional machines. Training is provided once at installation at no charge. You can request additional training sessions for an extra charge.

Departments are responsible for:

  • Loading paper and toner bottles/cartridges
  • Installing staples, if machine is equipped with a stapler
  • Contacting Imprints with any billing/index number changes
  • Reporting meter reading each month
  • Ordering paper and supplies from Imprints
  • Clearing paper jams and handling minor operational problems
  • Assigning a key operator and informing Imprints help desk, (858) 534-2377, when changes occur
  • Notifying Imprints when the machine needs to be moved or picked up

You can order service and supplies for your machine in three ways:

  • Call the help desk, (858) 534-2377.
  • Email supplies_repairs@ucsd.edu.
  • Use our online forms (login required).
    • For service requests, use the second form under department copiers.
    • For supply orders, use the third form under department copiers.