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Addressing Services: Lists and Labels

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Imprints streamlines your mailings by offering addressing services.

 Follow these easy steps to request addressing services.

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Decide which service you need.

Choose the process that best meets your requirements:

  • Provide preprinted self-mailing materials that need addressing and postage.
    • Imprints will print and apply inkjet-printed labels, applied according to postal regulations, for addresses, postage, and barcode.
    • See Addressing Preparation for physical requirements of your mailing materials.
  • Order self-mailing materials that need printing, addressing, and postage.
    • Addresses, postage, and barcodes are printed directly on the materials as part of their design, in compliance with postal regulations.
    • Because it eliminates label materials and labor, this choice lowers overall costs and processing.
  • Provide or order envelopes for addressing and stuffing.
    • Imprints prints and affixes address labels, then stuffs and seals envelopes.
    • Use for messages that are sensitive or do not meet postal requirements for self-mailing.
    • See Addressing Preparation for physical requirements of your mailing materials.

Provide or order the items to be addressed.

  • Before you design and print your mailing material, contact Imprints Addressing Services, (858) 534-3020, for suggestions on saving costs and time. Your materials must meet the physical requirements specified below and in Addressing Preparation Services.
  • All pieces in the same addressing job must be uniform.
  • If Imprints will address your preprinted materials, deliver them to Imprints’ main production center in the Campus Services Complex.
Lists and Labels: Physical Requirements
Size Minimum: 3 1/2 x 5 inches (larger size is recommended)
Maximum: 13 x 16 inches
Thickness Minimum: .007 inch
Maximum: 5/8 inch
Shape Rectangle or square
Folded material Creases must be sharp and uniform.
Recommended: Flat or single fold
Preferred: Single fold on the right-hand edge
Stapled material Recommended: Place flat staples vertically at top left corner
Preferred: Design material without staples
Label application Label dimensions: 1 x 3 1/4 inches
Ideal space allocation for label: 2 x 5 1/4 inches

Identify and 'cleanse' the list source.

Imprints can print addresses on labels or directly on your mailings from your department’s mailing list or a campus mailing list created for you.

Use your department’s mailing list.

If your department has its own list in Excel, Access, fixed-length text, or delimited text, send the file(s) in one of these ways:

  • As an email attachment via a PC-based computer to Imprints Addressing Services
  • On a disk to Imprints, Mail Code 0031
  • Digitally through PrintConnection upload, along with other source files, if any. (Choose “offline material” if delivering a disk.)

Use a campus mailing list generated for you.

Addressing Services is authorized to access directory information and mailing addresses for all UCSD community members. UCSD departments and UCSD-related organizations can request these lists and labels when:

  • The expense is recharged to department funds
  • The person placing the order has signature authorization for the funds charged

Use of some campus lists requires approval by the Academic Senate Office, Policy & Records Administration, or the list owner. Contact Imprints Addressing Services, (858) 534-3020, for details about the approval process.

Cleansing and updating

To prevent returned mail and postal penalty charges for off-campus addresses, Imprints can:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Check postal records for forwarding addresses
  • Standardize addresses to USPS specifications
  • Enhance addresses with additional information, such as ZIP + 4

Note: All bulk mailing lists must have been cleansed and corrected within 95 days, with a certificate presented to USPS accompanying the mailing. Unless the mail owner can prove they have a current, clean list, Imprints will automatically cleanse lists to avoid delays and penalties.

Know the recharge rates.

  • Volume discounts apply to entire order.
  • The charges will appear in your department’s operating ledger as Imprints @ CSC.
Addressing services rates
Service Description Rate
Minimum fee (excluding setup) $25
Setup charge for each type of material $12
Apply labels Avery labels $.035
Ink jet on mailing material
using campus list
1 to 1,500, per address $.03
More than 1,500, per address $.025
Ink jet on mailing material
using department’s list
1 to 1,500, per address $.035
More than 1,500, per address $.03
Addressing during print process 1‒1,500, per address $.02
More than 1,500, per address $.015
List cleansing Per 1,000 $6
Address correcting Per address $.035
Envelopes Purchase blank envelopes from Addressing Services Cost plus 10%

Request addressing services.

To request addressing services, either:

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