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Courtesy Phone Locations

See the locations of free courtesy phones that provide access to the campus police and campus extensions.

Also see the locations of call boxes in UCSD parking lots.

Off Campus

Building Location
Hubbs Hall (SIO) Inside next to elevator, across from room 4354
Eckart Library (SIO) Main entrance facing ocean
Nimitz Marine Facility 291 Rosecrans Street, outside Building 2 (Shops)

On Campus

Building Location
Applied Physics & Mathematics Building (AP&M) Lobby
Biomedical Library Inside breezeway
Basic Science Building (BSB) On first floor, near restrooms/ room 1100
Center Hall First floor, near stairwell
Central Utilities Building Outside main entrance, near Telecom
Copley Conference Center (Institute of Americas) Lobby
Dance Studio Inside next to restrooms
Engineering Building, Unit 2 (EBU 2) First floor breezeway near room 107
Faculty Club In lobby by main entrance
Fireside Lounge Outside next to main entrance
Forum Theatre (La Jolla Playhouse) Outside next to ticket office
Galbraith Hall Outside on first floor
Humanities & Social Science (H&SS) Building Next to second-floor elevators
Main Gym Inside lobby area, to the right of the Custodial Work Station closet
Mandell Weiss Theatre Inside lobby, by restrooms
McGill Hall Outside of building near room 1117
Mandeville Center Near room 111, next to stairway
Media Center Outside southwest entrance facing Scholars Drive
Medical Teaching Facility (MTF) Outside room 175
Natatorium Pool Outside wall between Main Gym and the Natatorium
Pacific Hall Outside north entrance
Peterson Hall Outside southeast entrance
Serf Building Outside elevators on first floor
Sixth College Building Outside Building 701A
Spanos Training Facility Outside next to gate at south end of building
Stein Clinical Research Building School of Medicine, outside next to ground floor elevator
Urey Hall Inside lobby next to bulletin boards

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