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Catering iRequests

Learn about the Catering Services iRequest in Marketplace.

Requests for on-campus catering will be initiated through Marketplace using the iRequest designed specifically for Catering Services. This is to streamline the catering process and ensure the proper Special Entertainment workflow rules. 

Catering is defined as food and beverage including alcohol being delivered or prepared on-campus for staff, students, and guests. This includes services such as bartenders and food servers.

Process overview

Location Supplier How to place an order
UCSD-Department Index Recharge UC San Diego Catering

UC San Diego Catering Website

No sales tax or gratuity applied.
No Catering iRequest required.
No comparison quote required.


UCSD-Department Index Recharge

Dining Delivers

Delivery and pickup options for all types of gatherings, sandwiches, boxed meals, appetizer platters, pizza, desserts, and beverages.

Order online at Dining Delivers



On-Campus Venue Event UC San Diego Campus Agreement Caterers

All other local Caterers


Complete the Catering iRequest in Marketplace.

For orders over $10,000, include at least one comparative quote.

Off-Campus Event Hotels, Restaurants, Venue, etc. where the location does not permit any outside food or beverage and is included in the booking.

If the supplier is requiring a contract to be signed, send the contract to HospitalityContracts@ucsd.edu. More information can be found here.


  • If the order is picked up off-site, brought on-campus, and is from suppliers such as grocery stores and liquor stores then an iRequest does not need to be submitted. You can work directly with the vendor and submit the receipt for payment via MyPayments.

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Getting quotes

When using an outside vendor for an on-campus event, get a Dining Delivers or UC San Diego Catering quote.  UC San Diego has Campus Agreement Caterers with established terms.

Obtain a comparison quote

  • For orders over $10,000, get at least one comparable quote from another supplier.
  • For Dining Delivers quotes call 858-534-4859 or email diningdelivers@ucsd.edu.
  • For UC San Diego Catering quotes call 858-534-3688 or email catering@ucsd.edu and a UC San Diego Catering professional will assist you with generating a quote.

Paying vendors

Catering services orders processed through Marketplace will be invoiced and paid directly in Marketplace. The supplier should submit the final invoice referencing the Purchase Order number directly to Disbursements.

All other food orders for events that are not processed through Marketplace can be processed using your Travel Card and reconciled through MyPayments, or using a pre-approved Travel Event Planner (TEP) card and reconciled through EC Manager.

On-campus suppliers

For on-campus suppliers use a Marketplace iRequest and include a comparison quote for orders over $10,000.

Medical Center

If you are part of the Medical Center but will be using campus funding to purchase catering, you will be able to use the Catering Services iRequest through Marketplace. Follow the instructions on Blink to request Marketplace access.

If you will be purchasing catering using Medical Center funding (i.e., MCL or MCH index numbers) you will not be able to use the catering process through Marketplace. If the supplier is requiring a quote to be signed, send the document to HospitalityContracts@ucsd.edu for signature.  Payment can then be processed using your Travel Card and reconciled through MyPayments.

Sunday events

If you are having an event at one of the HDH exclusive locations (Price Center, 15th at The Village, and Great Hall), Dining Delivers and/or UC San Diego Catering will accommodate Sunday orders with a $2,500 order minimum.

UC San Diego Catering
Phone Number: 858-534-3688
Email: catering@ucsd.edu

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