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The Landscape Services division of Facilities Management provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape conducive to learning and working. Basic services are available for state-funded areas, with supplemental services available at a charge to campus customers. Below you will find costs and frequencies for basic and supplemental services.

Note: This schedule is subject to change due to weather and other factors.

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Landscape maintenance

Service Frequency
Pruning Once in 2 years
Fertilize shrubs, ground cover Annually
Mulching Once in 2 years
Outdoor pest and weed control Once monthly or on request (customer-funded)
Litter removal Once daily
Irrigation repair, maintenance Once weekly
Tree trimming As needed (prioritized by safety hazard)

Turf maintenance (non-sport fields)

Service Frequency
Aerating Once in 2 years
Fertilizing Annually
Mowing and edging See schedule

Hardscape Maintenance

Service Frequency
Maintain ground-level walkways, pathways, plazas, streets, benches, tables, bike racks, bollards, drainage, parking facilities, flagpoles, and stairs not associated with buildings As needed
Blowing Weekly
Street sweeping As scheduled
or on request (customer-funded)
Remove graffiti, apply protective coating On request
Empty outdoor trash receptacles Once daily
Install and repair bollards As needed

Customer-funded supplemental services

Service Cost
Install ground-level walkways, pathways, benches, tables, bike racks, bollards, and drainage Estimates provided, on request
Landscape design Estimates provided, on request
Landscape installation Estimates provided, on request
Landscape maintenance Estimates provided, on request
Hardscape maintenance Estimates provided, on request
Tree maintenance Estimates provided, on request
Litter removal Estimates provided, on request
Power washing Estimates provided, on request
Street sweeping Estimates provided, on request
Outdoor pest control Estimates provided, on request
Install and repair bicycle racks Estimates provided, on request
Repair tables and benches Estimates provided, on request
Special event landscape cleanup Estimates provided, on request
(subject to staff availability)

Current hourly rates for Landscape Services positions are listed below for informational purposes only. Each project is unique and work may be performed by staff in one or more positions, in varying crew configurations, and at regular or overtime rates, based on customer needs. Additionally, materials may be required to complete a project.

Position Regular Hourly Rate
Landscape Technician $53.24
Lead Landscape Technician $57.79
Tree Trimmer $58.62
Tree Trimmer Supervisor $66.59
Irrigation Specialist $60.68
Equipment Operator $54.47
Automotive Technician $65.19
Lead Automotive Technician $64.88
Landscape or Tree Laborer $51.42
Landscape Superintendent $83.40

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