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Fire Season Alert

Learn what you can do to reduce outdoor fire risks on campus during fire season.

Safety tips for summer fire season

During warmer months, the risk of brush fires increases. UCSD Landscape Services offers these tips to help ensure your safety and enjoyment of campus grove areas during the summer fire season.

  • Pay attention to signs posted at trail entrances that restrict grove activities or indicate closures. If you are unsure whether an activity is permitted, contact Landscape Services.
  • Smoking and campfires are not permitted in the groves.
  • Take your cell phone with you in case you need assistance.
  • Exercise caution when serious weather conditions exist (e.g., strong winds, heavy rainfall, or thunderstorms).
  • Do not drive or park your vehicle in grove areas; the heat beneath the vehicle could start a fire.
  • If you see a brush fire, avoid traveling near it.

Reporting problems

If you see smoke, fire, or suspicious activities, note the location and report it to UCSD Police, (858) 534-4357. Do not attempt to put out a fire or contact suspicious people yourself.

You can use campus call boxes and courtesy phones to reach Campus Police. See locations for:

For more information about summer fire safety, visit: