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Energy Conservation: What Facilities Management Is Doing

Learn how Facilities Management implements energy-saving methods to improve efficiency and decrease costs.

If you have suggestions for energy conservation, please contact Campus Energy Manager John Dilliott. Learn about what you can do to conserve energy on campus and at home.


UCSD works to conserve energy and reduce energy costs through a variety of programs:

  • Central Utilities Plant's cogeneration facility generates most of UCSD's on-campus electricity needs, freeing up much-needed energy resources for use elsewhere in California.
  • UCSD's 69 KV electrical substation converts electricity from 69KV to 12KV, allowing UCSD to be charged at the much-lower 69KV rate.
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) stores 39,000 ton-hours of chilled water, enabling water to be chilled at night during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.
  • The Energy Management System (EMS) enables central operators to minimize energy consumption by monitoring and controlling heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment. Precise EMS programming facilitates:
    • Reduction in peak-time energy demand
    • Management of heating and cooling setpoints
    • Maximum conservation through night/ weekend programming
    • Long-term trending and comparative analysis
  • Increasing building efficiency through conversions and retrofitting with energy-efficient heating systems, ventilation systems, controls, and duct work.
  • Energy Efficiency Partnership with statewide utilities, the public utilities commission, and the UC Office of the President has produced funding for UCSD to improve:
    • Ventilation systems in high-energy-use buildings
    • Lighting retrofits
    • Enhanced building-performance monitoring and tuning
  • These projects are predicted to decrease campus energy demand by 300 kW/year and consumption by 4,000,000 kwh/year.

The projects below are part of UCSD's concerted effort to conserve energy in cooperation with statewide load-reduction initiatives:


UCSD's energy education efforts have been recognized by many organizations. See Sustainability News for more information.