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Marketplace Mobile Approval App

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Learn how to use the Marketplace Mobile Approval App.

Use Marketplace's Mobile Approval App, powered by SciQuest, to: 

  • Approve, return, or reject Requisitions
  • Receive push notifications when a Requisition requires your approval
  • See Requisition details, including Index and Account Code information, attachments, and comments
  • Contact other available Approvers for a Requisition

Get an authorization code in Marketplace before downloading SciQuest for your iPhone or Android device.

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Create an authorization code in Marketplace

  1. Log into Marketplace
  2. Click on your name in the top right of the screen, and select “View My Profile”
  3. From My Profile and Preferences, select App Activation Codes and click on “Add Device”
  4. Select a Password for the mobile app
  5. Create a “Device Name” and click “Add Device”
  6. A popup will display with your activation code (12 digits) 

Download the app from your app store

  1. Search for “SciQuest” (Marketplace’s software designer) in your app store apple mobile app google app store
  2. Open the SciQuest app
  3. Enter your activation code (from above)
  4. Enter your Marketplace (Single Sign-On) password

Activate the mobile device

  1. Open the mobile app on your phone and select the appropriate option based on your device. Most users will select 'Android/ Apple: Begin Here!'
    Note: If your device is not compatible with the Android/ Apple SciQuest mobile app, select 'Everything else: Start Here!' to complete activation on mobile web view. Refer to your app store to review system requirements for SciQuest:
    apple mobile app google app store

  2. Input the mobile app activation code you established in Marketplace. In the Password field, enter your Marketplace (Single Sign-On) password. Click Register Device.

Navigate the app

Home screen

See Notifications, Action Items, and Approvals folders that have been assigned to your profile. 

  • Select Action Items to view any open requisitions that require your approval.
  • Select Requisitions under Approvals to see all of your approval folders.

home screen

Organization is by Business Units

If you are an Approver for multiple Business Units, Requisitions will be organized based on the Business Unit the Index selected on the Requistion belongs to

business units

Requisition review

Clicking on a Requisition will allow you to review, but not edit, various parts of the order. You can add Comments to the requisition under Actions.


Complete order

To complete an order, select Approve or Reject/ Cancel

approve, request, cancel

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