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Marketplace: Roles

Learn about the shopper and approver roles in Marketplace.

The key roles in Marketplace are: Shopper and Approver. These roles are delegated at the department level by the BUMT Department Administrator(s) (Excel).


Shoppers search, select, and add items to their cart. Following the checkout process, the order is submitted into workflow for approval. Shopper roles include:

  • Window Shopper (the default for all UCSD employees with Single Sign-on access): A Window Shopper can place items in a Shopping Cart, but must assign their Cart to an Index-Informed Shopper or a Department Buyer for Index assignment and order submission. A Window Shopper’s cart will stop for Index assignment and departmental approval before the order is assigned a Purchase Order number and sent to the Supplier. To search for a cart assignee from your department or group, click the Assign Cart button.
  • Index-Informed Shopper: Index Informed Shoppers place items in a Shopping Cart, and then assign one or more Indexes to their Cart before submitting it for approval. Requisitions submitted by an Index Informed Shopper will stop for departmental approval before the order is assigned a Purchase Order number and sent to the Supplier.
  • Department Buyers: Department Buyers may place orders up to their delegated dollar level of authority without further approval, providing the index number on the order belongs to the authorizing department.
    • Department Buyer - $500
    • Department Buyer - $2,500
    • Department Buyer - $5,000


Department Approvers are responsible for reviewing and approving index and accounting information for the requisition. Once the requisition is approved, a PO number is assigned and the order is transmitted to the supplier. Approver roles include:

  • $0-$2499
  • $2500-$4999
  • $5000+

Approvers can be assigned to one or more of these dollar ranges. Requisitions require only one approval per index.

Note: Approvers cannot approve a requisition they create or submit.