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Purchase Order Revisions

Geisel library icon surrounded by the text PO Revision or Cancellation iRequest

Learn more about changing or cancelling a Purchase Order (PO) placed in Marketplace.

What are PO Revisions?

  • Similar to Change Orders on High Value POs, Marketplace PO Revisions grant the ability to update the Supplier on changes to an original Marketplace or IFIS Purchase Order.

NOTE: PO Revisions will not affect invoices already submitted by the Supplier.

What types of PO Revisions are available?

  • Updating the quantity or unit price on an existing line item
  • Adding one or more lines
  • Cancelling a PO or individual line item
  • Updating tax, shipping or handling
  • Updating the ship-to location or period of performance
  • Updating the index or account code in certain situations*

*NOTE: Index-only and/or account code-only PO Revisions are currently unavailable for electronically integrated suppliers due to a combination of speed, timing, and format. If your supplier has this icon ei supplier you will be unable to process an index-only or account code-only revision.

Where is the iRequest located in Marketplace? 

  • On the iRequests tab, under "PO Revision or Cancellation"
  • Or simply search for 'PO Revision' and the iRequest will appear in the search results