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Account Codes Removed from Marketplace

Below is a list of account codes that were removed from Marketplace and recommended alternative account codes

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Deleted Account Code Recommended Replacement Account Code Taxable or Nontaxable
633000-Shipping & Handling 638077-Packaging, Materials & Supplies (Taxable) T
635100-Rental of Space 635150-Rental-Off-Site Storage or Space (Nontaxable) N
636066-Copy Services 636000-Printing Services (Taxable) T
636156-Forms 636000-Printing Services (Taxable) T
636301-Subscription-Professional/Technical 637220-Dues, Memberships & Subscriptions (Nontaxable) N
636309-Library-Interlibrary Loan Program
636310-Library Book Binding
636501-Proj-specific Supplies, Custodial 636500-Project-Specific Supplies & Meeting Costs, Extramural (Taxable) T
636508-Minor Equip-Computing $200-$1499 639900-Comp-Equipment < $5,000 (Taxable) T
636509-Printing Supplies 638070-Office Supplies (Taxable) T
636522-Tools <$200 636507-Tools < $5,000 (Taxable) T
637150-Purchased Maintenance Building 637162-Buildings & Grounds-Repairs & Maintenance (Nontaxable) N
637151-Purchased Maintenance Equipment 637163-Equip-Maintenance & Repair Services (Nontaxable) N
637154-Purchased Grounds Maintenance 637162-Buildings & Grounds-Repairs & Maintenance (Nontaxable) N
637204-Personal Services (SSN Only) 637207-Professional Services (Nontaxable) N
637255-Meeting Costs-Business/Tech Events 638070-Office Supplies (Taxable) N
637265-Collection & Credit Reporting Angcs
637282-Insurance-Other 637283-Licenses, Taxes & Insurance (Nontaxable) N
637455-Gifts-Flowers, Tickets, Contributions 636504-Decorating & Painting Supplies (Taxable) T
637567-Participant Cost-Subject to IDC 637207-Professional Services (Nontaxable) N
637592-Student/Non-Student Prog Activity 637207-Professional Services (Nontaxable) N
637613-Computer Related Services, Other 637615-Comp-Consulting & Technical Services (Nontaxable) N
637662-Intercollegiate Ath-officiating Fee
637664-Intercollegiate Ath-Recruiting Mail
638015-Computing Supplies-Paper 638078-Comp-Supplies (Taxable) T
638043-Food, Ships Operations 638143-Food (Nontaxable) N
638049-Other Minor Equip, $200-$1,499 639000-Equip < $5,000 (Taxable) T
638061-Copier Toner & Supplies 638070-Office Supplies (Taxable) T
638074-Material Handling Supplies 638077-Packaging, Materials & Supplies (Taxable) T
638085-Repair Parts 638052-Repairs-Parts & Materials (Taxable) T
638094-Gifts/Awards for Employees - Non-Cash
639950-Furniture $1500-$4999 638051-Furniture < $5,000 (Taxable) T
649904-Equip Purch-Computer-Visualization