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Marketplace: How To Select Account Codes

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Learn how to choose Account Codes in Marketplace.

Account codes are the determining factor in whether or not we pay tax and where requistions route to.

Helpful Reminders:

  • UC San Diego is subject to sales/ use tax
  • Tax is imposed on the sale of tangible goods and some services
  • Account codes determine professional buyer routing
  • Some exemptions apply but we are generally subject to sales/ use tax
  • Give special attention to taxable indicators, accounts codes and delivery addresses
  • If you have questions on which account code to use, please submit an ASK case (login required)

Effective in April 2016, Marketplace will be integrated with a software application that will calculate sales/ use tax on all invoices that contain a taxable line item.

See Frequently Used Account Codes to learn which account codes are taxable or exempt.

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Choosing account codes in View My Cart

  1. From the Cart view, scroll down to the Account Code drop-down menu
  2. Verify you have selected the correct account code

Note: The taxable status of your item is determined by the Account Code and is notated in parenthesis on every account code.  For example, the account code in the screenshot below is taxable [638010-Medical Supplies (Taxable)].

View Cart

For carts with multiple items

If all the items in your cart need the same account code, you can change that in the Shopping Cart

  1. Navigate to your cart and check the box labeled Select All.
  2. Under the Perform an action on dropdown menu, select Change Account Code.
  3. Select your new account codes.

    Screenshot: Select codes

Choosing account codes in Checkout

  1. Once in Checkout mode, click Final Review

    Screenshot: Final Review
  2. Scroll down to your items and select Edit.

    Screenshot: Click Edit
  3. Verify you have the correct account code listed. This edits only one item at a time and not multiple items

    Screenshot: Verify information

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